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A group of 13 POWs arranged in three rows. Behind is a timber frame building. On the reverse is 'This photo was taken in Dec '39 at Oflag IX Spangenburg. It is a photo of all the RAF officers taken by the Germans up to then + 1 Fleet Air Arm officer.…

A small enclosed handcart with a lid. Standing beside it are three German airmen. On the reverse 'Eric Foster & Joe Barker escaped from the Schloss Spangenberg in this in 1941'.

An account of the Great Escape with maps, sketches and photographs. Details of the three tunnels are set out and the night of the escape. The tunnel construction is detailed as is the team of organisers, engineers, escape kit manufacturers and…

Four men in civilian clothes, three carrying milk churns. behind is a hut.

Four men and three women in the garden of the Pelletiers. The Pelletiers hid Jack when he parachuted from his Lancaster.

A cloth map mainly of France and the Low Countries. National boundaries are highlighted as is the Coastal Defence Area and Vichy France. On the reverse a map of Germany.

A letter referring to the night of the crash and George's subsequent escape via Switzerland. He was caught while trying to get to Spain and sent to Paris. After the war he worked for the post office in Calgary.

A series of four head photographs to be used on escape papers. Additionally there is a three pence stamp.

Jozef's autobiography. He flew with the Polish Air Force and escaped to Romania after the German's invaded. He further escaped to France and flew there against the Germans until he was instructed to head for the UK. He was shot down and taken…

A badge of the Comet Line escape group maintained by the French during the War.

An unused Christmas card featuring an airman parachuting.

The story of how aircrew were supplied with clothing and material to help them escape and evade capture. It is written by the major that designed the items.

A declaration signed by Reg that he would not escape or assist others to escape whilst on a walk outside the camp.
It includes two UK addresses.

Reg's account starting when he was shot down on an operation to Berlin. After Berlin he was transferred to Frankfurt for interrogation then by train to his camp. Camp life involved food, the preparation and acquisition of extra food by theft, trading…

A document issued to airmen to assist in escaping and evasion. It includes phrases numbers and days of the week. There is a warning not to be produced in public.

A list of phrases in various languages to assist in escaping. These include French, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Experiences of the prisoners of war in the Belaria camp of Stalag Luft 3 by Squadron Leader Bryce Cousens. It contains stories, poems and illustrations.

Notes arrived at POW Camp Luckenvalde IIIA February 8th. Escaped form there in May. Lists some of his operations and result of combat against enemy aircraft and damage by anti-aircraft fire. Includes forced landing at Pershore and eventually shot…

Describes operations as Lancaster pilot. Detailed description of last sortie to attack Dortmund-Ems canal on 6 November 1944. His aircraft was attacked by FW 190 which was driven of and then set on fire by another fighter attack. Describes bailing…

Top - head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with air gunner brevet and side cap. Captioned 'graduation'.
Bottom left - head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing civilian clothes. Captioned 'escape photo'.
Bottom right -…

Head and shoulders portrait of P Potter for use on escape documents if captured, submitted with caption 'Peter Potter Escape Photo'.
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