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A caption 'A token of appreciation of your War Service' which included a visit to Aldershot Hippodrome and a meal at the White Lion Hotel.
Item 1 is a caption.
Item 2 is a caption 'Programme of Show.
Item 3, 4 and 5 are the programme of the show -…

A newsletter published by the Women's Voluntary Service, Simla

Two photographs.
1 is a half length portrait of a woman.
2 is a landlord standing outside the entrance to the Thorold Arms at Marston, South Kesteven.
Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.
This item was sent to…

Two men dressed as women in the panto Cinderella. They are standing on the stage with three large toadstools. In the background is a tree and a crescent moon with a face.

A large group of service and civilian personnel inside a large room with columns and arched windows. Space for a band with music stands and a piano in the centre. To the left a sign 'Ticket Office'.

Item 1 is a newspaper cutting with a photograph of 12 Lancasters over New York. Photograph 1 is a group of airmen seated in tiered rows. It is captioned 'Beer and Hot Dogs at the Pony Races'. Photograph 2 and 3 are four airmen seated at a round table…

Ralph's graduation banquet from No 17 SFTS Souris, Manitoba. It includes the programme of addresses, menu and a list of those participating.
A second copy has some signatures of participants.

Two airmen in fancy dress, one carrying a long traditional rifle. On the reverse 'Wing Co Walkden and F/L 'Dicky' Bird strolling across to the paddock'.

Wharf with buildings beyond. A band plays just to left of a boarding ramp with people gathered at the bottom and others walking on it. Captioned 'RAF Band on the wharf - Southampton'.

Stage hands preparing scenery. The stage door is open to the outside camp and two men are carrying a stage flat. More scenery is against the back drop at the back of the stage.

The menu for the Victory Dinner held in the Officers' Mess, RAF Shallufa. On the reverse are the signatures of many who attended.

Entries detailing daily activity including shift work at AV Roe, friends, entertainment, health, weather and family news. Mentions letters from Ken, and his arrival back in October.

A programme for a variety show to held in the Station cinema.

A beer mat with handwritten annotations - '22/8/44 Farewell party to F/Lt Monty Dawson DFM DFC At Roundstone Hotel Trowbridge. Now on PFF'.

Photo 1 is a group standing on a lawn in front of a building, annotated 'Graduates from Univ..of Miami before Graduation Dinner.
Photo 2 is four airmen, three seated on a bench, one standing, annotated 'University of Miami. After dinner relaxation…

The orders refer to the cessation of hostilities with Japan and VJ day. Celebrations include a sports meeting with monetary prizes and a concert.

Four page Western Italy edition of the newspaper containing articles from various operational theatres around the world and from Britain.
Page 2 is given over to the forthcoming General…

Two programmes, the first for 'Take a Look' a victory revue and the second for 'The Desert Song', a musical. They are captioned 'Two programmes for stage shows held at RAF Station Cosford during last half of 1945'.

Top - Says he is keeping well but little news. Looking forward to receiving mail.

Bottom - writes that he is fit and had been to performance at the camp theatre. Mentions pantomime starting in a few days.

Air-to-air view of two Lancaster aircraft airborne in echelon formation. Taken from the port side of the two aircraft. The aircraft carries a mocked up bouncing bomb for the filming of 'The Dam Busters'. On the reverse 'Shuter, Dick Lambert, Mike…

Two airmen with uniform shirt sleeves rolled up sitting across from each other round a small table, playing cards inside a tent.

Two airmen are playing billiards with a small dog on the table. Behind them is a blackboard with diagrams chalked on and a poster explaining how to bale out.

Two men in costume standing on stage. One man is descending a short flight of stairs. The scenery is a painted backdrop with two mock trees in wooden tubs.

Two men dressed in jackets and white trousers. In their right hands they have top hats. Behind on stage are the painted walls and mock trees in tubs.

A man in costume is talking to a page with an item in his hand. Behind on stage are the painted walls and mock trees in tubs.
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