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Mentions anniversary of death of Uncle George December 1942. Daily activities for January and some of February and sporadic entries after that. Writes of going to pictures and walks. Contains some telephone numbers and addresses of friends.

Hand-written 1944 diary. Detailed entries of flying, camp life, the weather and letters to and from home. Many references to going to cinema. Last entry 17 July 1944.

Margaret Cuthill's account of her time in the WAAF. At the age of 17 she volunteered for the WAAF and was enrolled as a teleprinter operator. She was sent to Wilmslow for training. After four weeks of drill and physical exercise she was posted to…

Item 1 is a formal invitation to Flight Lieutenant Mathers to attend a reception at the British Embassy.
Items 2, 3, 4 and 5 are air-to-air view s of 12 Lancasters over Washington captioned 'Formation over the "White House"'

A programme of events for a IX Squadron reunion and presentation of the portrait of George Thomson VC. The booklet covers the events leading to the award of his VC, the programme of events and the menu, a biography of the artist, a thank you to the…

A concert programme listing the songs that will be sung and the names of the singers.

An account of Jim Allen's life from 1941 to 1997. He details meeting his future wife and their intermittent courtship. There is great detail about his social life and relationship with his future wife. There are two pages of photographs:
First page:…

Two photographs from the race day.
In the first a large airman on a small donkey watched closely by two small boys and a large crowd on the sidelines. On the reverse 'Tom Perry wins by a push on "Gasper".'
In the second photograph a group of airmen…

An RAF officer wearing tunic with brevet seated at a piano alongside a woman wearing dark dress holding up a sheet of paper. In the background left a bookcase with a vase of flowers and figurine on top. Submitted with description 'S/Ldr John "Dim"…

Two photographs of airmen in fancy dress with an ambulance with food supplies.
In the first image two men in fancy dress and a boy are at the opened back of the ambulance. One man has a sign 'Eat at Joe's' on his back. All this is watched by a man…

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a group of airmen from 627 Squadron positioned in front of a Mosquito.
Photo 2 is of three airmen at a Mess bar.

A group of airmen in fancy dress arranged round a man lying on the ground covered with a sheet. On the reverse 'A 'casualty' is revived by the Trainer'.

Group of airmen in fancy dress undressing the referee. On the reverse 'Spike Hughes, the Ref. is publicly stripped off. Christmas Day. Aden. 1946'.

Two photographs of airmen in fancy dress.
In the first photograph the men are sitting in a goal, some drinking beer. On the reverse 'Re-freshment time in the Sergeant's goal'.
In the second photograph the same men are in the goal. One is holding up…

Photograph 1 is three airmen seated at a table. It is captioned 'Major Mcguire, Ted Wright and myself knocking back 'highballs' in the Sky Room of the Hilton Hotel at Long Beach 29th July 1946' and signed [undecipherable].
Item 1 is a map of New…

A programme for Aladdin

A programme with adverts, photographs of the cast and details of the cast, chorus, scenes and stage crew.

A building with 'Albany' in neon lights. On the reverse 'Albany Cinema'.
A second photograph is taken in darker lighting and has 'Albany Cinema by night'.

A scrap of paper with the caption 'All-Male Cast for "Cinderella" Xmas 1943, R.A.F. Feltwell'.

Two individuals standing on the grass one holding an accordion the other a guitar, lake in background. On the reverse captioned 'Alun Morris, Harry Hudson'.

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Arthur Harris taking the salute.
Photo 2 is a Mess bar decorated for Christmas. There is a sign -The Jolly Butchers.

11 items on a page of a scrapbook.
Item 1 - programme for a revue 'Let's Have Another One' taking place on RMS Scythia on 5-8 November 1945.
Item 2 - photograph of A C Coller in tropical uniform standing beside two local boys who are sitting on…

Two standing men, one dressed as a pirate, the second, a sergeant is an observer in the Royal Air Force. Behind is a fence and a watch tower.
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