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A menu for Christmas dinner.

Writes she has had no letter from him and that she is going to the cinema to see "Target for Tonight". Mentions sister will look after daughter and writes of babies progress, Mentions she is sending a book on agriculture. Illustration of ox cart at…

Six photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a formal garden. In the distance is a semi circular building. The side of the park has very tall palm trees.
Photo 2 is two airmen leaning on a fence in a zoo.
Photo 3 is a park seen from across an empty…

Seven photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a man sitting with an Arab man holding up postcards he is selling.
Photo 2 is an airman in uniform standing by a palm tree.
Photo 3 is plants in a public garden.
Photo 4 is a man in khaki uniform and…

Three items from an album.
Item 1 is an entertainment pass.
Item 2 is a ticket for the Stalls at the Playhouse, Durban for 26th March 1941.
Item 3 is a ticket partly obscured.

Eleven photographs from an album.
Photo 1 a man paddling in the sea.
Photo 2 is two men on a rock waving a towel.
Photo 3 is three men sitting on chairs on the beach.
Photo 4 is a man standing on the beach. Behind is a barrel and a man in the…

Three sheets of a newsletter describing forthcoming events plus adverts.

A programme detailing a concer to be held on board HMT Yoma.

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is the car with five or six people in it, captioned 'Old Fisher's Bucking Bronco'.
Photo 2 is the car on its back wheels, captioned 'At the Sparks and YMCA fete in the Tolworth recreation ground'.

Two bills issued to Rex Searle by the Hotel-Pension "Crillon"

An invitation issued to all married families to attend a presentation, march past and parade at St Eval.

A card for the Aboukir Boat Club, Egypt with on the cover and reverse signatures of attendees. On the reverse a menu for the 17th Annual Dinner with a list of the meal and prizewinners.

A group of eight adults and eight children dressed in fancy dress. They are standing in a garden in front of a house.

Reports on arrival back from a 10 day visit and describes couple they stayed with as well as activities undertaken. Mentions meeting the daughter of Earl and Countess of Sandwich at Hinchinbrook [sic]. Writes of going to the theatre, a dance, of…

Writes apologising for not sending letter previous week and announcing she is visiting parents in Devon for a couple of months. She has arranged to let their house. Describes her journey accompanied by her lodger and goes on to write about her daily…

Large building at edge of roundabout. Road sides are tree lined.

Reports arrival of several letters and postcard and attempts to answer all his questions and future plans for the house. Mentions buying adjacent plot of land getting it at a very good price and possibility of keeping rabbits. Continues with…

Reports receiving postcard he sent in January an glad he got new boots from Red Cross and discusses whether she should send more parcels or not. Laments over time missed while he has been a prisoner despite fact he is learning violin and Dutch.…

Two airmen in khaki uniform standing beside the Wailing Wall.

A street scene outside the Malcolm Club at Foggia, via Duomo. The cathedral is partially visible. On the reverse 'Foggia By side of Malcolm Club'.

A section of a bar with pinups on the walls. There are wooden chairs and stuffed seats with wooden tables. Below some of the pinups 'Out of bounds to hell' has been written on the wall.

Writes of letters received and contents of parcel sent and intended for future based in his lists of requirements. Writes about his violin lessons and comments that prisoner of war monthly journal mentioned his camp had a dance band and symphony…

Reacts positively to his news that he is getting more to eat and is feeling better. Says she hopes he should be receiving food parcel from overseas soon. Catches up with news of family and friends and says she is complying with his suggestion that…

She writes about the piano tuner turning up at the same time as the window cleaner. There have been 6 houses burgled recently in the area and she has recently seen Gone with the Wind, which she hopes they can see upon his return.

Thanks him for letter and postal order and writes that she will send him requested stationary items if she get them nest day. Asks if he received tobacco safely, mentions domestic activities and going to a concert given by RAF orchestra. Continues…
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