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A depiction of the outline of a goldfish, with white wings flying above blue waves.

Envelope, addressed to Thomas' mother, with membership card made out to Sgt. T. McMahon and signed by Charles A Robertson. It has an abstract collage showing the outline of England and Wales, the night sky with stars, an aircraft, parachute, dinghy…

Message to Thomas' mother advising that her son was a prisoner of war having been rescued from the sea.

Covering the period 7 April 1941 to 19 November 1941 when Jack was serving in the Middle East and North Africa. He describes his last night with his wife Eileen, preparations for the transfer, time spent in camp, sightseeing, films watched, receiving…

Showing the position of the site of Jack's crash.

The position of the crash site of Lancaster PA278.

A series of annotated maps marked with the route taken by Lancaster PA278 down the Rhone valley and into the Mediterranean Sea. The position of the last radio contact is shown and the coordinates of the crash site.

Medal set belonging to Harry Dawson (178722 Royal Air Force). 1939-1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, and War Medal 1939-1945. Includes his identity tags and a letter about the loss of Wellington Z9106.

An emergency red light, designed to be attached to a life jacket to allow the wearer to be located at night. The light assembly appears to be complete and has signs of wear to the black painted components.

One image shows the item fully assembled.…

A resume of 'Jack' Whymark's family and service career. Includes extracts from Jack’s diaries, details from his logbook and histories of the crew and passengers of Lancaster PA278.

Letter confirming that her son, George Robinson, is missing, presumed dead and describing the circumstances surrounding his loss. It is dated 13 May 1944 and carries the reference: "514/C.2051/10/P.1." Most of the text is typed but a handwritten…

Left page: top left, list of members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Top right, Queen Mary standing with a woman in uniform and 13 men, one in uniform, identified as Bob.
Middle, left, Christmas greetings.
Middle, right, best wishes at…

Nelson Nix grew up as a child during the war. His father kept the village shop and was also a special constable and member of the Observer Corps which later became the Royal Observer Corps. The post had access to the Darkie sets which were used to…

Head and shoulder studio portrait of Philip in uniform showing his sergeant's stripes and observer's brevet. Annotated 'Sgt P.J.Anstey, Observer. Killed 16.12.40 when his aircraft ditched in North Sea on returning from Ops to Berlin.'.

The letter advises that Les has been elected into the Goldfish Club.

Reporting on the ditching of Flight Lieutenant Frank Butterfield and the plotting of the course of his return by his wife and him collecting his honours at Buckingham Palace. A photograph of 21 airmen in three rows; four seated on the ground, four in…

Top left - full length image of an airman wearing battledress standing in long grass with a single story hut in the background. Captioned 'Mike'.
Bottom left - three-quarter length image of an airman wearing tunic and smoking a cigarette. Trees in…

Diary of 50 Squadron based at RAF Skellingthorpe including night bombing of Bochum, Germany; laying mines in the Baltic Sea off Gdynia, Poland with the loss of one aircraft; ditching in the North Sea off Denmark, having been attacked by the night…

Time in the RAF including selection as an observer, enrolment at Lord's Cricket Ground, navigational dead reckoning and meteorology training in Eastbourne and Paignton. Time spent on navigational sorties in Grahamstown, South Africa in Ansons and…
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