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A Lancaster port wing. It has landed wheels up and has been on fire. Two men are on the wing with extinguishers. There is a hole in the wing and one of the propeller blades is bent forward. Three airmen are standing close by on the ground which is…

Three images of the tail of a Lancaster trapped by a post and wire fence. The images are taken from the port and starboard sides. The starboard image has the squadron code 'AR-M' visible. A group of airmen is working on the second starboard image.…

Ground crew working on a Lancaster which has landed wheels up. One airmen is leaning on the nose of the aircraft with his hands in his pockets.

A Lancaster which has landed wheels up is being recovered by a ground crew. A small crane wagon is at the nose of the Lancaster.

Two images of a Lancaster, 'AR-K', that has landed with the undercarriage up. The port outer engine has broken away and is being examined by two groundcrew. Both images are mirrored.

The Lancaster has landed with the undercarriage up. The port outer engine mountings have failed and the engine is lying on the grass. One airmen is looking closely at the damage.

Ten close up photographs of damage to aircraft showing the underside of an aircraft, a mangled pile of an aircraft, the remains of a wing, the side of Lancaster 'AR-D', small items of debris with an airman walking through it, the heavily damaged…

Lancaster with starboard undercarriage failure.
A second photograph has been printed as a mirror image.

The news-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the recovery of a crashed Blenheim in Holland, Roy Winton's fourth visit to Barth in 2000, the proposed erection of a memorial to RAF POWs, the Fallingbostel memorial project,…

Written by one of Philip Floyd's (pilot of John Valentine's aircraft) brother Michael's children based on conversations with parents. Recounts a letter to a German newspaper from a Werner Gerlach who as a young 15 year old boy witnessed the shooting…

To Mr Floyd, father of Philip Floyd, mentioning that he was his son's navigator and that he had recently discovered Mr Loyd's address. Expresses concern that he might upset Mr Floyd. Provides description of their last operation on 1000 bomber attack…

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is the nose of a crashed Roc being inspected by six men.
Photo 2 is two airmen in khaki and shorts standing by a lorry.
Photo 3 is the tail of an aircraft that has crashed into a building. Three airmen are…

Seven photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a view across the desert.
Photo 2 is a view across an airfield.
Photo 3 is the aft end of an aircraft with a load of baggage on the ground.
Photo 4 and 5 are air-to-air side views of two different…

Six photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a side view of a Vickers Valentia, annotated 'Valentia'.
Photo 2 is a side view of a Hurricane.
Photo 3 is a general airfield view with an aircraft tipped on its nose.
Photo 4 is a flyby by a fighter…

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two airmen standing by the wing tip of an aircraft.
Photo 2 is Rex standing by a small palm tree.
Photo 3 is Rex Searle standing in front of a wall of sand bags.
Photo 4 is a crashed RAF fighter on its…

An aircraft destroyed beyond repair. A wing, engine with propeller and the tail are all that remain.


Front view of a damaged B-24. Its nosewheel has collapsed and a crane has been positioned to raise the nose.

A Wellington with a collapsed undercarriage. Ground personnel are working on it and a tracked device is visible under the starboard undercarriage.

Damaged aircraft abandoned in the snow.


The aircraft appears to have crash landed and is being dismantled or lifted for repair. Two small crane trucks are assisting with a third standing by.
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