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  • Tags: bombing of the Le Havre E-boat pens (14/15 June 1944)

Target photograph showing bright spots bottom left and bottom centre. Caption '172, W.s. 14/15.6.44, NT 8", Le Havre, T, 1 x 14000, F/O Willsher, T, 617'. On the reverse '51:93/13'

Target photograph showing two bright spots on left side. Caption '148, ,W.S. 14/15.6.44, NT 8", Le Havre RD, V, 1 x 14000, F/O Cheney, V, 617'. On the reverse '51/93/14'.

Target photograph showing bright spots bottom left and just right of centre. Caption '141, WS 14/15.6.44, NT 8", Le Havre RD, V, 1 x 14000, F/O Cheney, V, 617'. On the reverse '51:93/15'.

Target photograph blurred with built up area on left. Caption '137, WS 14/15.6.44, NT 8, 16700, 108 degree, 2234, Le Havre RD, Z, 1 x 14000, 15 secs, F/O Ross, Z, 617', On the reverse '500 yards 190 degrees'.

Target photograph showing land at the top and sea at the bottom with town and harbour centre. There are two bomb explosions visible left centre and a bright spot below them to the right.. Caption '6 90, KLS, 14/6/44, 8" 20000, H, H625'. On the…

Target photograph showing sea to the left and a point of land left centre with harbour to the right. There are a large number of bomb explosions in the harbour area top right. On the reverse 'Ops 162, cam 1, neg 9, daylight/night attack of Harbour -…

Target photograph showing coastline runs from left to right with harbour behind breakwaters in the centre. On the reverse '162, cam 1, neg 19, daylight/night attack on harbour Le Havre, date 14.6.44, squadron 463, 617, pilot F/O Schultz, a/c…

Map showing east England and northern France with pencilled route from Lincoln area to Le Havre. Annotated top 'Op No 12, 14/6/44'.

Details of navigator, date, orders, route and page and half en-route navigation observations. Annotated in red and black pen 'Bombed 4 mins early. Good nav but not much effort made to keep to time. S/C 4 mins early [signature]' 'See me re plotting…

Message is a copy of Headquarters Bomber Command signal congratulating crews that their attacks on Le Havre and Boulogne succeeded in virtually destroying German naval assets in those harbours.

Aircrew Mascots flying log book for Flight Sergeant Rascal, covering the period from 17 November 1942 to 29 March 1945 (pages not all in chronological order). Detailing his flying caeer during training and operations. He was stationed at RAF Kinloss,…

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