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  • Tags: bombing of the Creil/St Leu d’Esserent V-1 storage areas (4/5 July 1944)

Target photograph showing large bright flashes centre left and right as well as other flashes. Caption '338, W.S., 4/5.7.44, NT 8", St Leu D'Esserent, V., 1 x 12000, F/O Lee, V., 617'. On the reverse '51:98/7'. A Lancaster at lower altitude can be…

Signal message reports large concentration of craters, damage to entrance of caves and destruction of road rail in the area.

Date: 4/5 July 1944, target, zero hour 0130 hours. Lists leader and marker 1, Wing Commander Cheshire flying P-51. Marker 2 in Mosquito and 17 Lancaster carrying one tallboy bomb each.

Notes that despite allied bombing, V-1 campaign against London and South East continues. Notes decision to attack V-1 storage sites. 617 Squadron were to join 5 Group attack and use using 12,000 bombs to collapse roof of caves in which bombs were…

Buff file cover with contents: Photos, Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, Photographic Reconnaissance Unit report

Mervyn Jones is a miners son from Wales. His father wanted a different life to that of a miner for his son and the family moved away to Slough where was plenty of work. Mervyn had always had trouble with his ears and so his father assumed he…

Target photograph of Saint-Leu-d'Esserent. Two large balls of light and a light streak. No clear details visible. Captioned '3°F', '6B CL', '1223 SKELL 4/5.7.44 //NT (C) 8" 17000 [arrow] 014° 0138 ST LEU D'ESSERENT RD.B.11X1000,4X500.27secs.W/C…

Target photograph of Saint-Leu-d'Esserent. Rural area, centre of photograph obscured by smoke and dust and a small area of light streaks. Roads visible. Captioned 3° F', '7B', '1213 SKELL 4/5.7.44 //NT 8" 16000 [arrow] 348° 0138 ST.LEU D'ESSERENT…
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