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A head and shoulders portrait of Cyril Robert Brown in uniform with observers brevet. On the reverse 'Cyril Robert Brown GB. 1334289'.

Left - white headstone for Robert Palmer.
Middle - white headstone for G Russell DFC.
White headstone for A L Carter DFC.

Seven airmen all wearing battledress with brevet standing in line in front of a Lancaster. Pilot is third from the left. Submitted with caption 'crew 2' and information 'Crew 2 l to r: Len Stevens FE, Harry Wilson W/Op, dad, Bob Lillico RG, Harry…

Words for a number of songs including our outhouse, the foggy, foggy dew, the bomb aimers lament, three old ladies, teeny-weeny bomb, the wingco's OBE.

Note listing 1st tour crew. 'Pat Finnerty DFM, Nav C Boyes, F/E Cowling, W/O T Bellamy, B/A H Jones, M/U T J Page DFM, RG WBB, "J" was KO-J DS626 a Lancaster II with Hercules engines'.

First page - photograph of seven airmen wearing battledress with brevet standing in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Lancaster - 138 Squadron, Alf Warren (3rd from the left) mid upper gunner'. Then follows a list of thirty-one operations between 2…

Seven airmen wearing a variety of flying kit standing in line in front of the rear fuselage of a Lancaster (registration ME584 squadron letter "Y"). Captioned 'Jimmie Hall wireless op Scot (marked with cross), Jack Meek observer Canada, Bill…

Top left - newspaper cutting (London Gazette) with citation for Pilot Officer Baker and Warrant Officer Meek.
Top right - newspaper cutting - Lancaster lands on bomb door. Account of badly damage Lancaster with wounded crew returning from operation…

Top - head and shoulders image of three aircrew wearing tunics with brevet (one pilot, one wireless operator and one air gunner) standing in a group with another figure in civilian dress behind them. They are standing on a railway station platform…

Seven aircrew all wearing tunics with brevet and side or peaked caps standing in line with trees in the background. Captioned from second man from left 'Ted W.Op, Art bomb aimer, Pat (DFM) skipper, Don engineer, Cliff navigator'.

Description of three (one aborted due to weather) operations against Tirpitz, photograph of crew on return from sinking Tirpitz, poor photocopy of target photograph of attach on Tirpitz. Account of operation on E & R boat pens at Ijmuiden along with…

List crew and weapon (Tallboy) and target location. Notes 'shot down by enemy ground defences approx. 1000 today (This a/c was hit by H/7 in the T/A and seen to go down in flames and exploded as it hit the ground near Syke)'.

Six airmen wearing flying clothes or battledress standing in line behind a Lancaster. Captioned at top 'Crew from left to right, Sid Grimes wireless operator, Ken Gill navigator, Charlie Randon bomb aimer, Jack Penswick gunner, Eddy Barnett engineer,…

Top - six aircrew standing in line behind a Lancaster, Captioned 'Crew from left to right, Sid Grimes wireless operator, Ken Gill navigator, Charlie Randon bomb aimer, Jack Penswick gunner, Eddy Barnett engineer, Barney Gumbley pilot'.
Bottom target…

Six airmen standing behind a Lancaster. Captioned '1944, Left to right, all shorties well nearly all, Sid Grimes (Wireless Op), yours truly, Charlie Randon (Bomb dropper of), Jack Penswick (Gunner), Eddy Barnett (Engineer), Barney Gumbley…

Seven airmen arranged in two rows. Each individual has signed the photograph.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Seven airmen standing in a line in front of Lancaster KO-J.
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Crew Picture Last Op 17-3-45, KO-J, Synder crew end of tour. Jock Guyan's (2'nd from right) 51'st and end of 2'nd tour.

Five airmen standing in front of a building.
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Appleby crew, Gordon Appleby - Pilot, Len Howell - Navigator, Alf Hitchcock - Air Bomber, Jack Crisp - Wireless Operator, John Higgins - Rear Gunner NOT…

Notes taken from a book 'Nobody Unprepared The History of 78 Squadron' by Vernon Holland. John was the bomb aimer on the Halifax.

Shows qualified as a navigator, pathfinder force air bomber/radar and visual bomb aimer.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Two airmen standing one wearing tunic the other battledress, both with half brevet standing in front of a Nissen hut. Annotated 'GT' under left hand man. Submitted with caption 'Gordon and his Bomb Aimer (Gordon on the left)'.

Five airmen all wearing tunics with brevet and side caps. Man second from left is a pilot, the others have half brevet. Submitted with caption 'The Wellington crew - from the left - Ron; Bob Dibben, Pilot; Ian L Ure, WOP; Roy Parsonson, Navigator;…
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