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News sheet with details of the Southampton reunion in 1987, Recco Report -stories about ex-POWs, Obituaries, members reports, KLB Club for prisoners from Buchenwald and a flight in a Blenheim.

The news-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the recovery of a crashed Blenheim in Holland, Roy Winton's fourth visit to Barth in 2000, the proposed erection of a memorial to RAF POWs, the Fallingbostel memorial project,…

A brief memoir of Frank and Freddie Horry written by Freddie's wife.
There is a short memoir about Frank and a longer memoir about Freddie.
There are three stories about different operations.

A biography of Arthur Pritchard written by his daughter. It covers his training, operations and the night he was shot down. Despite speaking no French he was assisted to a hideout in Paris where he remained until Paris was liberated in August 1944.

A Lancaster flies over the explosion of an Upkeep bouncing bomb against a dam. A second aircraft has been hit by anti-aircraft fire and is plunging towards the water, engulfed in flames and smoke. A third Lancaster is visible on the right with a bomb…

Two vertical aerial photographs from an album.
Photograph one, Frankfurt at night, is indecipherable. Captioned 'a brilliant spectacle of searchlights, flak sparks and puffs, glowing incendiaries and target indicators'.
Photograph two is taken…

Two vertical aerial photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is of Flushing where a dyke was breached. Some flooding is visible according to the caption.
Photo 2 is of Bonn showing in the city in great detail at the start of the raid. it is annotated…

Photograph 1 shows a railway running left to right through an urban area. Captioned '1. J.D.S. 382.X.12782.76.N/T.7/8 -8-41 F.8. ➝'.

Photograph 2 shows a mostly rural area, much obscured by anti-aircraft fire and light flare. Captioned 'T.K.A.…

Top - target photograph showing smoke from bombs over most of frame and built up area top left. Captioned '3640, L.SGN, 21.3.45 " 8'.16800'103 BREMEN OS[....] Oil Refinery, S, 13MC500DT:4ANM64DT, C34 SECSI. F/O Quine; S: 582'.
Bottom - target…

A vertical target photograph of Munich being bombed. Much of the detail is obscured by anti-aircraft fire. Captioned '66 WS. 24/25.4.44 // NT8” 18500 [arrow] 026 0145 Munich.RD. A 6RS. 6JCL 29 SECS F/O KNIGHTS A 617.'

A target photograph of the…

Target indicators are descending from a cloudy sky; anti-aircraft fire on the left. The silhouettes of barbed wire and an utility pole are visible.

Photograph 1 is a Swiss anti-aircraft gun manned by seven soldiers. It is annotated '75mm AA gun 3 batteries on Jura mountains fired 400 times night 12/13.7.43'
Photograph 2 is 14 airmen's coffins annotated 'ED412 'O' rear row ED 531 'T' front. I…

An anti-aircraft gun manned by seven men. On the reverse '75mm AA gun Schneider-Cleusot 3 batteries of this type were on the Jura mountains and shot more than 400 times in the night 12/13.7.43. The people around are Swiss soldiers and not Germans'.

Target photograph of Stuttgart. No detail visible, many light streaks right side of photograph. Captioned '5°F', '7B', '2781 SKELL.12/13.9.44//8" 15250' [arrow] 230° 2316 STUTTGART.W.1X4000.17X4.C.26secs.F/O.AMEY.W.50.'. On the reverse…

A brief memoir of Geoffrey Whittle's wartime service. His training started in March 1942 in Scotland. One year later he converted to Wellingtons, then Lancasters at RAF Lindholme. He was then posted to RAF Ludford Magna. On his 15th operation over…

An incomplete memoir written by Geoffrey Whittle starting at age 16. At age 18 he volunteered for aircrew duties and trained at RAF West Freugh. He converted to Wellingtons then Lancasters and moved to RAF Ludford Magna in June 1943. Over Hanover…

A Spitfire is crashing in a rural landscape. The aircraft is pictured in the act of disintegration and is in flames and trailing black smoke. The pilot has bailed out and his parachute has opened.

Label reads “243”; signed by the author;…

Three airmen are operating a four horn acoustic aircraft locator. To one side is an anti-aircraft Lewis machine gum mounted on a tripod.

A Short Personal View of a Bit of History (interview with Jim Allen)
'Based at Burn' Introduction by Jim Allen
One More Chalked Up
A Trip to Remember
Sabotage on 578 Squadron at Burn by Joe Dudley
Memories of 578 Squadron at Burn 1944 by Joe…

Vertical aerial photograph of unidentified location. Detail are largely obscured by clouds, smoke and anti-aircraft fire. Towards the top a road and fields are visible. Captioned ‘2. S (X8) 12 NT 31/1-1/2-42 TX. F/8” [arrow].

Vertical aerial photograph of Rouen. Street pattern just visible but most of the image is obscured by bombs, smoke and anti-aircraft fire. Captioned at top right ‘4B 4B’. Captioned '646 WKY 18/19.4.44 // NT 8” 9000’ [arrow] 029° 0021 Rouen Q…

Vertical aerial photograph of Rouen. No ground detail visible, most of the image is obscured by flares or anti-aircraft fire. Captioned ‘5B 5B’and ‘647 Wky 18/19-4-44 //NT 8” 8000’ [arrow] 026° 0027 Rouen S 11x1000 4x500 19secs F/S…

Vertical aerial photograph of Rouen. Street patterns are visible but most of the image is obscured by flares or anti-aircraft fire. Captioned at top right ‘4B 4B’. Captioned along the bottom ‘[undecipherable] Wky 18/19-4-44 //NT 8” 8400’…

Vertical aerial photograph of Rouen. Street pattern just visible but most of the image is obscured by bombs, smoke and anti-aircraft fire. Captioned at top right ‘4B 4B’. Captioned '[undecipherable] WKY 18/19.4.44 // NT 8” 10000’ [arrow]…

Vertical aerial photograph of Rostock. Most detail is obscured by anti-aircraft fire. The Unterwarnow adnd the Altstadt are partially visible. Captioned ‘1. T(Y5) 12 NT 26/27/4/42 F/8” [arrow] TX’.
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