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Aerial inclined photograph of the harbour of Pula, centered on Otočić Sveti Andrija. A big smoke cloud is rising from Otok Katerina: other explosions are visible on land and water. A splash marks the crash of a B-24.

On the reverse:…

This was the operation on which Ian Wynn's aircraft was lost. Captain was Squadron Leader P R Turgel. Item contains:
1. A list of crews on the operation.
2. Map of routes to target.
3. Luftwaffe night fighter combat claims for 25/26 May 1943.…

A handwritten list of Don Cochrane's first tour. It comprises a short paragraph for each of the 29 operations he undertook. Included are four maps with bombs indicating his targets.

Account of operation against sheltered E-boats in Le Havre harbour. Tasks to assist Navy in their fight against E-boats who were operating against allied invasion forces. States pens would be invulnerable even to 12,000 lb bombs therefore, bombs…

The first part is an eye witness account by Alan McDonald of an aircraft crash and its aftermath.
The second part describes the 'Skilling Follies', an aircrew who completed 25 operations from RAF Skellingthorpe.
The third part describes an…

Brief handwritten notes describing the operations and two
relevant newspaper cuttings titled 'R.A.F. bomber shot down by Swedes' and 'The great air assault is mounting. Heavy blows at Germany's oil'.

Emil E's account of the events at Schäfergasse 21, Müllergasse, Pferdemarkt.

Brief recollection of Eric Horsham from his early years in Plumstead, training at Lords, Torquay, St Athans, Marston Moor then 102 Squadron at Pocklngton. On one operation they were badly damaged but made a successful forced landing at RAF…

Vertical aerial photograph of unnamed location. The image is very dark with fields and roads visible at the top. In the centre is anti-aircraft fire. At the bottom it is captioned ‘3A B (X7) 12 NT 29/30/4/42 F/8” [arrow] TX’.

A newspaper cutting about the night Warrant Officer Bill Walker succeeded in bringing their badly damaged aircraft back. Mentions award of two Conspicuous Gallantry Medals and two Distinguished Flying Medals.

Vertical aerial photograph of Frankfurt. The image is totally obscured by cloud or fires and anti-aircraft fire. Captioned ‘4B 4B' and ‘481 WKY 22/23-3-44 //NT 8” 21000 [arrow] 177° 21.57 Frankfurt Y 1 x 4000.12 & 4.11x30 31 secs F/S…

Vertical aerial photograph of Friedrichshafen. Entire image is obscured by smoke, clouds and anti-aircraft fire. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and '800 WKY 27/28-4-44 // NT 8” 20000’ [arrow] 116° 02.09 Friedrichshaven W 1 x 1000 1 x 500 8 x 30…

Vertical aerial photograph of Friedrichshafen. Most of the image is obscured by smoke, clouds and anti-aircraft fire. Near the centre a regular street pattern is visible. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and '797 WKY 27/28-4-44 // NT 8” 18000’ [arrow]…

Vertical aerial photograph of Friedrichshafen. All of the image is obscured by smoke, clouds and anti-aircraft fire. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and '777 WKY 27/28-4-44 // NT 8” 20000’ [arrow] 170° 02.09 Friedrichshaven S 1 x 4000 6 x 30 6 x 4…

Fritz Hundhausen's account of the events at Essiggasse 6 (Inn ‘Stadt Frankfurt’), air raid shelter at the Karl Hospital.

Target photograph of Gdynia. Partially obscured by smoke, dust and light streaks. no detail visible. Aircraft silhouetted in centre. Captioned '5°F', '7B', '3971 SKELL.18/19.12.44//NT.8" 13500' 275° 2202 GDYNIA(B) F. 10 ANM 59DT. 23secs. F/O…

Vertical aerial photograph of Gennevilliers. The image is of factories and dockyards. Annotated ‘Column of smoke from Goodrich factory’, ‘Power station’ and ‘Craters?’ Captioned ‘1. O (X4) 12 NT 29/30/4/42 F/8” [arrow] TX’. On the…

Gustav H's account of the events at Schlößchen Schönfeld, city plant nursery near Schönfeld Park, Hinter der Waage 9.

Vertical aerial photograph of Bremen Hemelingen. The image is largely clear with only one flare in the centre left. A large river bisects the image and in the top are docks. Street patterns and buildings are clearly visible. At the bottom it is…

The board game has 78 spaces, numbered from one to 78, and arranged in spiral fashion. Players’ pieces are moved according to throws of one or two dice. Each square contains simple figures and a brief text about anti-aircraft precautions. Players…

On the left two aerial vertical photographs showing night anti-aircraft tracer tracks. Top photograph caption 'P Z/7 75 8/9-3-42 NT f/8 TX'. Bottom photograph caption ' A F 75 NT 30/1.10.41 F/8' Page caption 'Night x Flash 70xM candle power'.


On his return to Great Britain after his release from prisoner of war camp, Geoff Packham was interrogated by his commanding officer. His aircraft was damaged during a raid on Sterkrade by Holten. The bailed out over the Netherlands. He was captured…

The informant remembers wartime episodes in Cordenons and the Pordenone area. Mentions aircraft en route to Austrian targets contrasted by anti-aircraft fire, while she was taking shelter in a ditch. Reminisces the bombing of Casarsa and the Meduna…
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