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Sergeant Walter Smith, in uniform, seated on a motorbike holding a small dog. The registration of the bike is BDT451. It is annotated 'Wal & Jock 1943'.

Photo 1 is a view of a village church framed by a bridge arch.

Photo 2 is a farmer wearing a cap holding a fox. Behind are cages.


Don Jarling and Ken Harvard, standing at the roadside with a dog. Ken Munro went on leave with Don Jarling.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Photograph of a WAAF in uniform with a dog, annotated "M M Manning MT Driver Marston Moor 1943”

Seven aircrew wearing battledress or tunic with aircrew brevet, side or peaked caps, stand in line in front of a Lancaster. The aircraft has 8 rows of 10 bomb symbols and the letter 'Z' on the nose. In front of the aircrew in the centre is a dog…

Three-quarter length portrait of a Royal Air Force Group Captain wearing tunic with pilot’s brevet and peaked cap, standing beside a car, with dog sat in car.

Photo 1 - Denis in a two-seater open car holding a small dog.
Photo 2 - seven airmen at the rear of a Lancaster. They are wearing flying kit. In the background are two more Lancasters. This is also on page 6.
Photo 3 - seven airmen standing…

A woman wearing a coat stands in a garden holding a baby wearing light coat and bonnet. A dog sits at woman's feet. In the background a trellis fence and a house. On the reverse 'Grandma Turner and Penny'.


A man wearing dark jacket and flat cap walks with a dog on leash. On his right a woman with hat pushes a pram. They are both walking on a footpath with road to the left and railings with posters to the right. On the reverse 'John and myself and Penny…


Denis Bradbury in RAF uniform with his father and mother. They are standing in the garden of their house. Denis and his father have pipes in their mouths.His mother is wearing a coat and hat. In the centre is a dog sat on a chair.

A girl wearing a flowered dress with cat in her arms stands in front of a bicycle leaning against a brick wall. On the reverse 'Penny aged 13, Sept 1951'.


A girl wearing white dress squatting down holding a cat. On the ground to the right. Another cat and a tree trunk. In the background a brick wall.


On the left a man in jacket squatting down with dog in front. In the centre a woman with glasses holding a young baby. On the right a man in jacket and tie. In the background a bicycle leaning against the wall of a shed with open door. On the reverse…


Two adult figures - plus baby - all in uniform facing front on the left between two flag poles. Led by a dog, four other figures in uniform march past from the right with pitchforks shouldered.

Added caption: 'The family at Potter Hill, L to R,…

Six figures and two dogs carrying out various activities at farm. Fence on left and hedge on right, sheep in field top left. Captioned "Wednesday night was drying ground night"

Added caption: 'The family gardening at Potter Hill, L to R, Irene,…

Twenty two Royal Air Force and Woman's Auxiliary Air Force members of a band standing, wearing tunic uniform, in two rows. Most are holding musical instruments. In the centre of the front row are a male and a female officer standing behind a pile of…

11 items on a page of a scrapbook.
Item 1 - programme for a revue 'Let's Have Another One' taking place on RMS Scythia on 5-8 November 1945.
Item 2 - photograph of A C Coller in tropical uniform standing beside two local boys who are sitting on…

Three annotated items:

Item 1 : Photograph of air raid shelter with pets
caption 1 'Air Raid Shelter constructed by a firm called "Troy" in 1938. Left [undecipherable] It was 16' deep with a poisen [sic] gas free escape hatch…

Top right - target photograph showing open countryside with many bomb explosions on the right.
Top right - a man on horseback wearing a cowboy hat. Trees and other horses in the background.
Middle left - man with no shirt sitting on thwart of a…

Three men wearing shorts, two in shirts and one with battledress blouse standing in line. Behind is the nose of a white painted Lancaster with bomb doors open. In the background two ladders and other figures. Airfield buildings in distance. Left…

Half length portrait of Akin Shenbanjo holding a large dog. Behind two or three airmen look on.

A family group with twelve members and a rabbit. One man is in uniform. One boy has his arm in a sling.

A group of seven airmen (six in tropical uniform) sitting on the grass, behind is a jeep with two more airmen sitting on it and dog. Further behind are saloon cars and spectators in civilian clothes. The airmen are wearing shorts . On the reverse is…

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Three album pages, 48 small b/w photographs recording Keith Thompson's leave at Grange's Farm, Old, Alberta in March 1942. Shows Mr and Mrs Grange their family, and farming life including farm machinery and buildings, dogs, horses and sheep.


Woman wearing dark overcoat standing in a field with a white bull terrier type dog in front. In the background a hedge. On the reverse 'Nov 1953' and note attached 'Mrs Blackwell + Sue'.


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