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Near full length image of two airmen standing in the snow. Behind are silver birch trees and the base of a mast.


Two airmen wearing shorts and bush jackets stand in front of a building with veranda. Ben Openshaw on left hand wearing side cap. Sign on building says 'Services Rest Room'. Some figures in background.


Three quarter length portrait of two airmen in khaki uniform eating sandwiches. Arthur Pearce is on the left wearing air gunners brevet, medals ribbons and pathfinder badge. He has warrant officer rank badge on wrist band. In the background a table…

Ben Openshaw (left) and an airmen by a cliff. The man in front is sitting wearing shorts, short sleeved shirt and side cap. In the background a huge waterfall.


Two airmen wearing khaki uniform - one facing away and Arthur Pearce on right looking at the camera. He is wearing an air gunner brevet and has his arm up holding door lintel. Another man in uniform is inside the doorway. Several pineapples hang…

Two airmen standing in uniform with their hands in their pockets. On the reverse is handwritten -
'L Dos Sullivan A
R Bill Radford B
10 Oct '44'.

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Head an shoulders portrait of two airmen both wearing uniform tunic. The pilot on the left wera a side cap and the airman on the right a peaked cap. Reported as Flight Lieutenant Frank Hugh 'Lofty' Long on left and unknown airman on right 5.6.40 –…

Two airmen standing on a hillside, on the reverse 'Eddy/ Fred'.


Two aircrew, the second obscured behind the first. The front man is carrying a parachute. In the background two Tiger Moths parked.

Two aircrew wearing flying suit standing by the rear cockpit of a Tiger Moth. The man on the left has on a parachute and the man on the right is wearing flying helmet.

Two aircrew, one kneeling in front wearing a peaked cap, one standing behind on top of a Lancaster engine. Both are wearing battledress. Two propeller blades are visible. In the background a perimeter track and airfield. On the reverse 'F/Lt Evans,…

Two aircrew officers, one with pilots brevet other with half wing, full length, in uniform, standing on steps in front of ornate entrance to large brick building.

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Two aircrew standing together in front of a hedge. Unknown airman on left and Flight Lieutenant Frank Hugh 'Lofty' Long on right, Lofty taught Leonard how to fly Whitleys whilst in 102 Squadron. Lofty died during a operation on 13th March 1941. Photo…

Seven pilots sitting in armchairs in front with fifteen standing behind, wearing a variety of uniform, all in front of a Spitfire. On the reverse '91 Squadron?'.

Twenty five trainee airmen in three rows, front sitting and the rear two standing. All are wearing tunic and side caps. Caption: 'No 44 A.G. Course, Squad 3,(left side) LAC Roberts, Williams H, Hindson, Payne, LAC Flood, Yeates, Whitehead, Morfett,…

Navigational computation and a chart for an operation to Trier.

Navigational computation and a chart for an operation to Trier.

Tribute to Squadron Leader William G Neal Distinguished Service Order, Distinguished Service Cross, Croix de Guerre, 1912-2001. Describes how Don Briggs met and was crewed with Bill Neal’s crew who having completed one tour had been selected for a…

A ticket and envelope issued to Ted Neale for a flight from Algiers to Cairo.


Stanley Archer’s account of his training as one of the first flight engineers for Lancaster operations in 1942. First he attended an air gunnery course then transferred to 97 squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa. He comments on daylight raid on Augsburg.…

Airmen in uniform are lying on a grass area, seen in the background through an arch at Miami University. Among them are people in civilian clothing. On the reverse 'Afternoon Break, University of Miami, April 2nd 1942'.

Photo 1 is nine airmen in gym kit standing outside a building. There is snow on the ground.

Photo 2 is 11 airmen in Sidcot suits and thick boots standing outside a building. Again there is snow on the ground.

A group of trainee airmen arranged in nine rows. The front row are the senior officers and trainers. The back rows are the trainees with training flashes in their caps. On the reverse are 14 signatures and '84867'.

Tony Terry standing in his uniform and smoking. On the reverse 'A. Terry R.A.A.F. Anthony (Tony) D. Terry [unclear] Jim Wright 1/95'.

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A navigation log sheet for an operation to Tonsberg, Norway.
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