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A registered letter envelop addressed to David Geach from RAF Witchford

The telegram advises David Geach's father that his son is missing.

Left - five airmen standing in line. Four wearing tunic and side cap and the middle man wearing greatcoat and fur hat. In the background a two story building. Captioned 'my Harvard instructor P/O Hansel, with his pupils: Nev Oakley, Me, "Tuck"…

Top left - view of front of Harvard with pilot in cockpit. Captioned 'McAteer'. Top right - an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap standing at the top of steps in open door of a building. Middle - side view of Harvard with pilot in the cockpit.…

Top left - side view of Harvard on airfield. Top right - four student pilots wearing flying suits standing in front of a Harvard. Captioned 'Left to Right, Yours truly. Les Mills, McAteer (Irish) & Rogers'. Bottom left - four pilots wearing flying…

Full length portrait of an officer wearing tunic with observer brevet and peaked cap. He is standing by the wall at corner of a building with another two story building in the background. On the reverse 'Flying Officer B Girdwood, 4 Main Street,…

Top - a line of 7 Tiger Moths parked on grass. On the left hangars. Bottom left - a pilot wearing flying suit and carrying parachute walking away from a Tiger Moth. Captioned Sgt Smith. Bottom right - nine pilots wearing flying suits and one man in…

One hundred plus aircrew sitting and standing in four lines in front of a Lancaster. In the background a hangar.

Top left - Man wearing flying clothes and carrying parachute walking away from Tiger Moth. Captioned 'Sgt Smith, my first instructor' Top right - two men in flying clothes standing behind the wing of a Tiger Moth. Captioned '"Murf" Murray with Sgt…

Top left - man in flyng suit standing in snow in front of a single story building. Captioned 'Lucien Eccles'. Top middle - man in flying suit coming out of a door. Captioned 'Bill Girdwood'. Top right - two men wearing greatcoats and side caps…

Six aircrew, four standing behind and two kneeling in front.Three are wearing parachute harness and one a flying jacket. In the background part of an aircraft. Hedley Madgett is standing on the left holding a parachute and helmet.

Head and shoulders portrait of Don Keeley. On the reverse 'Mid-Upper Gunner Don Keeley Age 24 Berlin Killed 24/3/44'.

Head and shoulders portrait of John Burke. On the reverse 'To Dear David With all best wishes from all at T Tygwyn St Flight Engineer John Burke Age 20 Berlin Killed 24/3/44'

Head and shoulders portrait of Bill Bowey. On the reverse 'Wireless Operator Bill Bowey Aged 20 Berlin Killed 24/3/44 9-12-1943'.

Head and shoulders portrait of David Geach. On the reverse 'Air Bomber Dave Geach Age 20 Berlin P.O.W. 24/3/44'

Head and shoulders portrait of Johnny Watson. On the reverse 'Rear Gunner Johnny 'Nipper' Watson Age 19 Berlin Killed 24/3/44'.

Len McCann standing in his pilot's uniform in front of a tree. On the reverse ' Pilot Len 'Mac' McCann Aged 28 Berlin Killed 24/3/44'

David Geach leaning on the stone parapet of a bridge. On the reverse is written 'August 1943 Stafford'.

16 airmen arranged in two rows. They are trainees and are wearing sidecaps with white flashes. They have a sign with 'Class 'K' Course 66 Air Bombers Dafoe - Sask.' On the reverse is written 'November 1942'.

A line of six airmen standing in the snow. Behind are buildings and trucks.

Len McCann wearing a greatcoat and cap.

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20 airmen arranged in two rows. The front row is seated with their arms folded. Behind is a bus. The second photograph is identical.

Len McCann and an airman with a navigator brevet standing outside in winter. Behind is a leafless tree.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Five airmen outside a wooden building. Two are sitting on the steps with the other three behind. The ground is covered in snow but the steps have been partly cleared.

A group of 11 airmen standing on the steps in front of a wooden building. The ground is covered in snow apart from the steps which have been cleared.
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