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Six airmen including Alexander Lamb grouped at the boarding hatch of a Lancaster. Annotated with 'navigator on leave'.

Six airmen in desert uniform standing in front of a Halifax. On the reverse are the signatures of the crew and the identity of the aircraft - Halifax Mk II W7756. Four of the crew are identified as from the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Six aircrew wearing parachute harnesses standing in line in front of a Wellington with name Marienne. A ladder is visible leading to entry hatch. Ground is sand covered and two of the crew are wearing shorts. The second photograph on the reverse…

Six aircrew wearing battledress, four wearing side caps and two wearing flying boots standing in a line by the rear turret of a Lancaster. In the background another Lancaster.

Six aircrew, three sitting and three standing wearing tunic with brevet. Five are sergeants and one a flight sergeant.
Back - Ron Britt (Mid Upper Gunner, RAF), Jack Widdowson (Wireless Operator, RAF) and Arthur Bergman (Bomb Aimer, RAAF)
Front -…

Formal portrait of six aircrew in two rows. Front row sitting, rear row standing, all in battledress. On the reverse 'Back row L to R, K Broch W/Op, Don Wills r/g, Bill Le[...], Front row L to R, W Mundy B/Aimr, K E J Tammel pilot, R [...] Nav'.

Six airmen standing outside a wooden hut. Five are wearing flying helmets, googles and flying uniforms. On the reverse 'Moreton in Marsh 21 OTU Gunners'.

Six newspaper cuttings referring to the award of a DFM to Edward Nevill and giving details of the conduct which led to the three crew being awarded medals.

A group of seven airmen sitting on top of a Lancaster, JI-N, PB142. One man is sitting on the mid-upper turret. Underneath is 'Rosebud'.

From the left the crew is: wireless operator / air gunner Sergeant Denis Carlos Bradbury 198880 (1811449), mid…

A group of seven airmen with Walter Smith standing at the extreme left at the back. Bill Radford is seated in the centre. Behind are RAF buildings.

A group of seven airmen arranged in two rows, the front row seated, the back standing. Sergeant Joseph Wilson is front row, far left.

Four airmen sitting in front and three standing behind. All are wearing battledress and side caps. In the background trees. On the reverse 'A Squad, 60 Course, No 4 A.G.S., RAF Morpeth, Northumberland,' signatures 4.)[....], 5.) R Dunn, 2.) J T…

Seven airmen in flying gear at the rear of a 514 Squadron Lancaster.

From left to right, back: Gorton Craig 'Gort' Angus; Donald G. 'Don' Thompson; Henry Charles 'Hank' Snow; Roy A. Moran; Leonard James 'Len' Thatcher.
Front: Bernard Ellwood…

Two photographs of seven airmen standing underneath the damaged wing of a Lancaster. 'EA-D'.
On the reverse of the first photograph the annotation reads 'Uncle Tom on left'.
In the second photograph one of the men is pointing out some damage.

Six airmen standing in long grass at the tail of a bomber. A seventh airman is seated in the rear gunner's position The guns have been removed from the rear turret. Bill Moore is third from the right. The men are dressed in full flying kit and are…

Seven aircrew wearing Mae West standing in line at rear of a Lancaster.

Seven aircrew standing in front of the rear turret of Lancaster VN-R. Five men have Mae Wests, one unfastened. The pilot in the middle wears a peaked cap.

L V Sharpe is second from the right.

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Seven aircrew standing in line wearing various clothes in front of a Lancaster with bomb doors open. Geoffrey North is second from left. The ground has a light covering of snow. There is a man standing on the port outboard engines and another walking…

Seven aircrew in various uniform. One wearing Mae West is sitting on a chock in front while the others, three with Mae Wests stand behind. In the background the front of a Lancaster with bomb door open. The aircraft has the letter 'S' on the nose and…

Seven aircrew in two rows three kneeling in front and four standing behind. Derrick Allen is on the right of front row. Two in the centre of the back row are wearing peaked cap and remainder side caps. In the background part of the fuselage of a…

Five aircrew standing to the rear and two aircrew kneeling either side of an airwoman crew bus driver in front. All are wearing flying helmets. In the background part of a Lancaster fuselage with last squadron letter O and aircraft letter C.

Seven aircrew all wearing flying helmets in two rows. Five aircrew stand in the back row and two kneel either side of a airwoman crew mascot also wearing flying helmet in the centre of front row. In the background part of a Lancaster fuselage with…

Seven aircrew three kneeling in front and four standing behind. All wearing battledress. In the background a Lancaster. Captioned 'Norris - A/G m/u, Howard - A/G r/g, Buck - B?A, Bill - Nav, King WOP. Dave - Pilot, Oll - F/E'.

Group of seven aircrew, four standing and three kneeling. All are wearing battledress, two including the pilot, have peaked caps, the rest have side caps. They are standing in front of a hedge, with a wooden door to a stone building on the right.

Seven aircrew standing in battledress uniform. Don Briggs is second from the right, pilot, William Neale, is in the centre. In the background a part of a Lancaster with open bomb bay.

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