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He is well and studying. He has been getting regular mail. He asks for a pipe, tobacco and cigarettes.

He writes from prisoner of war camp. He has had influenza but is better. He has received his first parcel and is very pleased with it. One sentence has been censored. He expects Christmas to be a bit different.

He is well and asks for lots of letters. He mentions that they should receive a letter for his Caterpillar Club membership. He asks for shoes, slippers, tobacco and pipe.

He asks for mail, one or two pipes, khaki shorts, swimming trunks or football shorts and chocolate.

He has had no mail from home. He cancels his request for shoes and shorts but is keen to get a pipe, tobacco and cigarettes.

He is well and has received a letter. He appreciates the pipe that he has recently received.

A map of 41 POW camp locations. The key gives each camp's name and number.

Map with handwritten annotations for some camps including Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft 1 (mistakenly labelled Stalag Luft II), Stalag Luft 3, Stalag Luft 6 and Stalag 8B

A small scale map showing the location of prisoner of war camps. A typewritten note has been attached with corrections.

The News Sheet of the Canadian Prisoner of War Relatives Association. This edition covers Victory in Europe, the death of President Roosevelt, the liberation of Canadian POWs, assembly centres for released POWs, the seizure of German POW records,…

A label for a parcel sent to John Taplin by his father.

Sergeant A Yates's observer brevet and his identity tag when at Stalag VIIIB, number 27042

A plan of the layout of all the sections of the camp.

Thanks her for her letters and says he is fit and well. Asks if she would like to be his pin up girl and ask for photographs.

First correspondence to someone he knew but forgot her surname. Notes he landed in his unfortunate predicament. Hopes she still has his photograph and that he might see her soon.

Writes that there had been no letters from home and he had celebrated his second anniversary. Looking forward to getting back to England.

Gordon wishes them well and explains it is very hot. He signs the card as Navigator.

He has received several letters and repeats a request for a pipe.

He is well and waiting for parcels, preferably cigarettes.

He is well but has not heard from his parents lately.

He is well but has not had any mail recently.

He is well and has received mail. He has cigarettes and asks for more.
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