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The first of three chapters of Bill's wartime service.
There is a second copy with handwritten edits.

View from below of an airborne Supermarine Spitfire with clipped wings.


Front Quarter view of airborne Supermarine Spitfire.


A memoir of an operation involving Len Curtis and his crew members. During the operation his aircraft was shot down and Len was captured. However, he was liberated by American soldiers and returned to London six weeks later.

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#1, 3, 4 and 6 are a model Lancaster, in the air and on the ground.
#2, 7 and 8 are a Stirling model
#5 is a Wellington and Spitfire model.
#9 are a model Stirling and Lightning.

A sketch of a Lancaster and a Spitfire, annotated 'Lancaster on Fighter Affil with Spitfire' and signed 'Ewing 43'.

Air-to-air views of aircraft taken from a Lancaster during fighter affiliation exercises.
#1, 3,4, 7,8,9,10 and 11 are Hurricane and Spitfire
#2 is a Stirling.
#5 is a Mosquito
#6 is a Boston.

#1 is a Stirling under maintenance. One propeller is missing. It is annotated 'Quote "I had 4 1/2 years with Stirling bombers'." A Spitfire sits alongside.
#2 is three parachutists close to the ground.
#3 is a Stirling dropping containers,…

Programme with list of ground equipment, aircraft park and flying programme. Date 15 September 1945.

An airmen pointing to the words 'sunny Italy' traced in snow on the side of a snow covered Spitfire. On the reverse 'Foggia Main, Jan 45'.


List all aircraft flown and hours. Includes United States navy training aircraft as well as Hastings post war.

Lists of Ceylonese in three batches and miscellaneous arrivals who volunteered for and joined the RAF with some details of their service. Includes b/w photograph of Sergeant Rex De Silva in 1943.

An airman standing beside a Spitfire, 'AZ-R' of 234 Squadron.

One single article covering with three separate columns. Headlines - RAF double attack on Schweinfurt, Regensburg plane works devastated, Big British forces out last night. Accounts of attack by British and Italian based American heavy bombers on…

A biography of Douglas and his service in the RAF. It includes events and a reunion with a former crew member.

Witten on page of log book a description of daylight operation to Dortmund marshalling yard on 12 March 1945. Was the largest daylight raid ever carried out by the RAF with over 1000 bombers escorted by squadrons of P-51 and Spitfires. Give some…

A starboard side view of a Spitfire VB on the ground. Its code is G-6H, but only part of its registration is visible - EP5??.


Left - head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with pilot's brevet. Captioned 'My old pal "Ed"'.
Right - newspaper cutting with b/w photograph of fifteen aircrew mostly wearing battledress with brevet sitting and standing in three…

Two photographs,first one, formal pose in four rows in front of an aircraft, captioned Odiham 1944. Second again formal pose in five rows, many more tradesmen, posed in front of a Spitfire captioned 'Holland 1945'. A handwritten note indicates that…

Two pages, the first has four photographs the first showing two graves captioned 'Enschede'.
The second showing an industrial steam engine, captioned '?'. 'Berlin, Burma, Blighty' and 'V4' are painted on the side.
The third has an Air Force lorry…

Left - newspaper cutting headline - a Lancaster again thunders over Lincs. Article by Ken Lee, war artist, who had been commissioned to paint a picture of the only remaining Waddington Lancaster. Tells of his trip in the Lancaster.
Top right -…

Top left - newspaper cutting with photograph of a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire flying over the RAF College Cranwell. Text explains where aircraft based. Top centre - newspaper cutting with photograph of a parked Lancaster with a Vulcan flying…
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