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Major Gordon Lett writes to Colonnello Mario Fontana regarding the establishment of a military operations area around Rossano. Logistical arrangements are discussed. Mention actions of paratroopers and Special Forces and discusses opportunities for…


Order establishing a military operations area. Includes the template of an official notice.


Colonnello Mario Fontana urges Major Gordon Lett to add the name of Tenente Ettore Collini, serving in the Monte Rosa Brigade, to the list of Allied war criminals. He then describes the atrocities committed.


Comandante Luciano Scotti urges adding the name of Tenente Ettore Collini, serving in the Monte Rosa Brigade, to the list of Allied war criminals. He then describes the atrocities committed.


On an isolated hill against a red sky, four soldiers are aiming their guns, ready to execute four standing civilians. They are chained together by their wrists, whilst two other soldiers are holding each end of the chain. The civilian on the extreme…

At dawn, two partisan helpers drafted into the Landschutz are executed by a firing squad commanded by a men in fascist uniform. Barbed wire and part of the ramparts of the Palmanova fortress are prominently featured. A church is visible in the…

Seven, bloodied men have been lined up against a wall to be executed. The men are chained together with their hands behind their backs. The soldiers are dressed in green and black and are preparing to fire their guns. An officer is hitting one of the…

Details the expenditure incurred on the construction of the Casoni improvised air field. Out of the 60,000 Lire budget provided by Major John Henderson, 53,780 Lire was spent.


An explosion destroys a check-point killing many soldiers. A machine gun emplacement is visible on the left hand side.

Caption reads “10” and “Novembre 1944. (4) Costretti dal fuoco dei partigiani, a starsene nell’interno della baracca,…

Three soldiers have found two partisans hiding in a haystack. One partisan has both his cheeks pierced by the bayonet of one of the soldiers and in the background, the other partisan has his arms in the air and a solider is pointing a rifle with a…

Major Gordon Lett acknowledges the delivery a substantial sum of money for the Allied Mission. He states that it exceeds present needs and suggests distributing part of it to civilians who live in the civil parishes near Zeri, especially those who…


Note to Major Gordon Lett regarding French, Yugoslav, Czechoslovak, Austrian, and French personnel who have deserted the German army and have joined the Resistance in Liguria.


Four civilians with Sten Gun and rifles, sitting under a tree. Information supplied with the collection states 'Partisans near Krakow'.


A memoir about Frederik Kroese's wartime activities. There is a brief biography followed by a portrait of Frederik.

Included are photographs of a number of items: his fake ID card, a permit allowing him to use a bicycle, an official numbered…

George Reid Williamson dressed in a pinstriped jacket and dark trousers, leaning against a wood and wire fence, whilst reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. A wooded area is in the background. On the reverse ‘In the Bois de Boulogne during…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 214-1.jpg
Private address of Major Gordon Lett

Major Gordon Lett writes to Colonnello Mario Fontana criticising lack of coordination, poor discipline, and the fact Allied Mission personnel are considered as “foreigners” rather than Allied forces.


Major Gordon Lett tenders his resignation as Allied Headquarters representative, stating lack of collaboration from the Resistance.


Harold Jack Lazenby's autobiography.

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Brief account of H R Woodard's operations with 104 Squadron from the first on 13 September 1944 until the last on 4 February 1945. Includes reference to misspelling of his surname and names of his regular aircrew. Final operation with LP 549 was to…

A firing squad opens fire on a group of civilians lined up against the wall of a cemetery. Two officers are featured in the bottom-left corner. Two other men in uniforms are visible in the background, near a built-up area. A copy of the execution…

The events after Ronald was shot down on the morning of D-day.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 229-1.jpg
The sender is sorry to know that Michele has been found guilty of desertion, expresses gratitude, and states that ‘you and your dear family were the means of saving our lives’.

Partisans disguised as fascists pretend to escort “Romano” to the yard of the Udine prison. He is wearing a dark cloak and a wide-brimmed hat. A German officer stands in front of the prison gate from which light is seeping out. The prison wall…
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