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Two photographs from an album.
#1 is a vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing at Villers Bocage.
#2 is temporary graves of Bob Cooke and Crew at Tilly-sur-Seulles, Normandy.

Target photograph of an operation to Neuss. Only a large area of glare, roughly in the middle, is visible. It is annotated '5B' and captioned:
'1787 MEP 23/24.9.44//NT 8" 19,000 ← 055 º 2127
NEUSS. H1. 11 x 1000. 4 x 500. 31 SECS. F/S…

Target photograph taken on an operation to Duisberg. Left hand side is obscured by smoke or cloud and several bomb explosions can be seen. The Rhine river runs across the image, just below half height and there is built up area towards top of…

Describes location, construction and layout. Opened in September 1943 with 207 Squadron Lancaster and later 44 Squadron. Last operation was in April 1945 to Berchtesgaden. Covers post-war squadron moves, locations and disbandment, including arrival…

Nine airmen wearing battledress with half brevet and side or peaked caps sitting and standing in two rows in front of a Nissen hut. Submitted with caption 'Navigators Mepal 1944 or 45 (RC Weeden front centre)'.

An airman wearing parachute harness and flying helmet sitting at navigator station inside a bomber. Submitted with caption 'Reg Weeden at Navigator Stn. Lancaster - RAF Mepal 1944'.

Full length image of an airman wearing parachute harness, battledress and side cap carrying a cloth bag with one foot on the steps to rear fuselage door of a Lancaster. Submitted with caption 'Reg Weeden entering Bomber - RAF Mepal 1944' On the…

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a vertical aerial photograph taken over Frankfurt. All the detail is obscured by light and anti-aircraft fire. It is annotated '110 Mep 4/5.10.43//NT 8" 16000 --> 045° . 21.37 ½. Frankfurt. W. 10x30: 8…

A number of individuals eating at trestle tables, sitting on folding chairs in Nissan type building, stove in foreground. Notes refer to photograph, Richard Dimbleby photographs, subject leaning back at L.H. table.
Second is a photograph of a group…

Hand written note, 3 Group R.A.F. Waterbeach Base - (5 miles Cambridge). Satellites = Mepal - Nr Ely, Witchford - Nr Ely.

Three copies of the same photograph,one has the reverse which has a copy of the citation for Ken's DFM. One has the captions, '74 Sq Mepal by Richard Dimbleby', 'Subject 7th from right'. photograph shows a number of aircrew in flying gear and with…

Records how Ken joined the RAF as an armourer and then remustering to air gunner, then flying with No 75 (NZ) Squadron on Stirlings.

A list of aircrew, times of take off and landings and altitude flown for 75 squadron. 21 Lancasters attacked the dyke at Westkapelle.

A planning chart used for an operation to Calais, with handwritten annotations

A planning chart used for a route from Waterbeach to Cologne then Mepal

A planning chart used on an operation to Essen, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart for the route from Waterbeach to Essen then Mepal, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart used for mine laying in the Kattegat, off Denmark.

A planning chart used for an operation to Dortmund, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart used for an operation to Stuttgart, with handwritten annotations

A planning chart for an operationto a target close to Duisburg, with handwritten annotations.

A planned route from Mepal to Flushing, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart for an operation to the west-north-west of Essen.
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