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Alfred Marshall volunteered for the RAF with three of his friends from the town. He was the only survivor of the war. The losses of RAF are very personal to him as he recollects the other losses of friends who shared his Nissen hut. He flew…

Nine accounts of flying activities during the war.

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'David Joseph's son Brian met Paul Hilton in the 1980's through work, and he was wearing a prisoner of war tie. In…

The detailed biography begins with government measures at the start of National Service. Philip Hopgood volunteered and enlisted at Padgate, Warrington. He was classified as medically Grade 1. Initial training was at RAF Regent's Park (Lord's Cricket…

Formal photograph of 175740 Flying Officer Ron Ward, in uniform, with meteorological observer's half wing. Captioned 'Ron Ward', 'RAF Service August 1944 - 1946', 'Photo 1946, MORLEY'.
Page has hand written log of his flights at Empire Air…

Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Log Book
The Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Log Book covering the period 15 June 1941 to the 16 August 1963. Manning qualified first as an Air Gunner on the 4 July 1941 and second as a flight engineer on the 1 September 1941. He was commissioned on the 4…

Envelope addressed to Group Captain Cheshire, DSO, DFC at RAF Marston Moor. Postmarked London.

A group of six Royal Air Force personnel walking on a snow covered path. The first five are wearing greatcoats and peaked caps and the rearmost a tunic and side cap. Following is Air Vice-Marshal C R Carr, officer commanding 4 Group Bomber Command,…

Three senior Royal Air Force officers wearing greatcoats and peaked caps are walking line abreast towards the camera. From left to right: Group Captain J Bradbury DFC, Air Vice-Mashal Carr and the Duke of Kent. There are cars left and right behind…

Three senior Royal Air Force officers wearing greatcoats and peaked caps waiting by a car in the foreground with airman standing by rear door. From left to right: Group Captain J Bradbury DFC and the Duke of Kent. In the background a building with…

Three quarter length portrait of Eric Horsham in uniform, holding a pipe. On the reverse 'Marston Moor Sept 1943'.

Photograph of a WAAF in uniform with a dog, annotated "M M Manning MT Driver Marston Moor 1943”

Six airmen wearing parachute harnesses. Five are standing in the first image, the sixth sitting on the grass. In the second image they are standing in a line. Both are captioned 'Conversion Unit Marston Moor July 1944'.

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