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Formal course photograph of five servicemen, posed on steps of building in the snow, sign above porch Instructional Sqdn. Rear row standing annotated 'Sgt Pearton, F.S. Thompson. Front row seated, F S Brock, PO Stubbings, Sgt Mansfield. LEC GA 507…

Photograph showing seven students and an instructor standing by an aircraft camera, on the blackboard F24 Camera, captioned 'Back to school Jul - Aug '52'. Four servicemen wearing parachute harnesses, standing by an Anson tailplane looking at a…

Flying log book for R O J Searle, Flight Engineer, covering the period from 25 June 1944 to13 July 1945 and from 17 August 1951 to 14 September 1964.
Detailing his training as a flight engineer and a full tour of operations flown with Bomber…

A vertical aerial photograph of a raid on Soesterberg airfield. The image is mostly clear and shows many bomb craters. The caption underneath is overexposed and apart from the airfield name and 'Sgt Goodrum' is indecipherable.

A vertical aerial photograph of an attack on Sterkrade. Road patterns and housing are clearly visible. It is captioned '2314 LCF 6-10-44 // 7 [deleted]/02 1715 Sterkrade Rd [deleted] Sgt Goodrum R [deleted]'
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