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Nine aircrew officers dressed in uniform standing in front of the port wing and part of the fuselage of a Lancaster with cockpit covered. On the reverse ‘No 576 Lanc squadron, Fiskerton 31/10/44 – 13/9/45 with 49 Sqn’ and ‘F/L Namon [?] Radar…

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Before the war, Harry Parkins worked in furniture restoration in Hackney, before later selling bomb-damaged goods in Bethnal Green, working for an engineering firm in Islington until it was bombed and finally as an invoice and warehousing clerk…

The log book covers the training and operational career Sergeant Harry Parkins from 20 December 1943 to March 1954. He flew in Stirling, Lancaster, Anson, C-47, Lancastrian, Valetta, Lincoln. Harry Parkins flew 47 operations - 30 night operations and…

Roy Briggs was born in Battersea, London. After leaving school he undertook an engineering apprenticeship with Benham and Sons, producing equipment for the war. He describes his life during the Blitz. When he joined the Royal Air Force he trained as…

Jeff Brown worked as an electrician until he joined the Royal Air Force. He flew with 576 Squadron from RAF Fiskerton.

Wing Commander Kenneth Cook was born in Randwick in Gloucestershire. At Marlings grammar school, he joined the Air Training Corps. On the outbreak of war he joined the Royal Air Force and went to America under the Arnold Scheme for pilot training.…

Dick Heath was an apprentice boat builder and joined the Royal Air Force in 1943. He began training as an air gunner but was posted to RAF Fiskerton working in the bomb dump. He was on his way to Canada by ship when the war in Europe ended. After he…

A group of 12 airmen waving off Lancaster U. They have their backs to the camera. On the reverse 'F/O Roberts F/S Pidding F/S Smale F/S Briggs F/S Rosario. Sgt Bewon Sgt Davies being waved off by members of 576 Sqdn when taking off on 1000 bomber…

49 Squadron was formed in the First World War but reformed in 1936 as part of 3 Group Bomber Command. Its motto was Cave Canem (Beware of the Dog). Having flown more Hampden sorties during the war than any other squadron, it converted to Manchesters…

Shows three bomb loads for squadron. Includes preselection settings, Window, route and method. Annotated 'Oslo'. Notes Fiskerton A/P green spot fire.

Billy Strachan, Lancaster pilot, is standing by the nose of a Lancaster 'F'. Caption mentions his interest in ethnic minorities who flew in Bomber Command.

A Lancaster framed by the door of the hangar. Behind there is a second Lancaster in a hangar and the front half of a third Lancaster parked outside.

Royal Canadian Air Force observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Sergeant Leonard Dorricott from 27 November 1942 to 21 January 1946. Detailing training schedule, instructional duties and operations flown. Trained in Miami, Florida and…

Four airmen standing at the tail of a Lancaster. Flight Lieutenant Sedgewick is holding a parachute harness and there are two more parachutes and harnesses on the ground. Leonard Dorricott is standing second from the right. An engine trestle is in…

Four airmen standing at the tail of a Lancaster. One man is holding a parachute harness and there is another parachute and harness on the ground.

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Shows a single bomb load for operation. Details weights, distributor, preselection and false height settings. Shows timings and other detail. On the reverse; marking, safety measures, call signs and timings. Formation order for Waddington,…

Four airmen standing at the tail of a Lancaster. Flight Lieutenant Sedgewick is holding a parachute harness and there are two more parachutes and harnesses on the ground. Leonard Dorricott is standing second from the right. An engine trestle is in…

Doris Reddish was born in 1925 in Sleaford, she then attended Sleaford High School followed by commercial college. Doris worked at Moore, Cooper and Burkett’s in Market Rasen until she joined the Royal Observer Corp. She trained in Lincoln for…

He writes of his arrival at RAF Fiskerton to begin operational flying.

He writes about the arrangement for his leave.

He writes of a journey through Birmingham and of domestic arrangements.

He writes of training lectures at RAF Fiskerton and of his social activities.

He writes about purchasing a new cooker for their house.
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