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He writes of arriving safely at RAF Cark.

Harold writes about life on base at RAF Cark and his social life. He includes details of his some of his colleagues.

Includes news of activity at RAF Cark, including details of night flying and also social activities. He also writes of the invasion in Sicily.

Letter from Harold Gorton to his wife including two poems. He writes about job offers his wife may take and writes about activities at RAF Cark.

He writes of an flying incident with one of his pupils and recounts an evening in the mess with his colleagues.

He expresses how much he misses his wife on their second anniversary. He also writes of a colleague’s impending marriage and another’s arrival of a new baby.

He writes about his night flying and taking three Home Guard for a flight in his aircraft.

He writes of their meeting for 24 hours and his journey back to RAF Cark.

He writes of the situation in Italy and his night flying as well as his social life. He also mentions the Commanding Officer of RAF Cark receiving the Air Force Cross from the King.

He writes about his social activities and flying over Bobbington, near Wolverhampton and Rhyl.

He writes about night flying, the weather, and his activities on base at RAF Cark.

He writes of visiting family, his night duty and the weather.

He writes of his family, feeling unwell, his night duties and social activities at RAF Cark.

He writes of his family and his journey to Farnworth and an auction taking place in Bolton. He mentions a colleague who is missing after a operation to Hamburg.

He writes about buying a house, night flying tests and social activities.

He writes about the social and flying activities on RAF Cark. He also writes of his family and friends.

He writes of meeting his wife in two weeks and of getting a council house in Bolton.

He writes of a family visit to St Anne’s and films he’s seen recently. He also writes of his journey back to RAF Cark from Blackpool.

He writes of arrangements for his pending 48 hour leave, flying activities and the weather.

He writes of the arrangements for his 48 hour leave and the weather.

He writes that he is missing her and is looking forward to seeing her. He writes about a Lancaster flying low over RAF Cark and of farmers’ difficulties because of the weather.

He writes about the weather and looking forward to seeing his wife on leave.

He writes of flying activities, lectures and social activities at RAF Cark. He also writes of arrangements for his leave.

He writes of his social life and colleagues and gives his thoughts on the state of the Civil Service.

He writes of the weather and colleagues’ postings and domestic arrangements.
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