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Personnel march between two rows of wooden huts. All men are wearing side caps, carry gas masks and training materials. Captioned 'Wireless Training School, Yatesbury. July, 1940'

Has a copy of the Morse Code as well as Williams sister's address as well his own at the various RAF stations he was posted to. There a other addresses as well as a poem.

Letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. He writes about the journey back from leave and the day's training.

Letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. He is looking forward to his leave and mentions learning Morse, how smart they have to be for inspection and advises Jessie on how to repair the electric fire.

His story begins in June 1941 when the Air Minister broadcast that a new cadet force was to be set up. Stan joined immediately. Initially they marched then received training in relevant subjects - Maths, Physics, Theory of Flight, Navigation, Morse…

Notebook with semaphore and Morse signs.

Information on all Royal Air Commands, Commonwealth and Allied air forces, the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Lists and images or aircraft. List of principal engines, technical terms and aircraft instruments. Ranks of services and badges of the Royal…

Document contains order of service for funeral and memoir of service in the RAF. Includes training as wireless operator/air gunner, troop ship to Cairo and continued training in Egypt. Posted for operation on Boston aircraft with 114 Squadron in…

Covers principles of war, types of aircraft, navigation, armament, map symbols, points to be observed before/after/during flight, navigation diagrams and calculations, compasses, airmanship, RAF signals square, administration, armament, rigging,…

Notes recorded by Maurice during his pilot training.

A letter discussing a colleague, exams, a top secret jet, Morse tests and studying.

Notes on brazing, soldering, and Morse code alphabet including diagrams.
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