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Front quarter view of a Lancaster engines running while an airman pulls on rope to remove chock. Another airman on right gives thumbs up. Other Lancasters line up behind.

Air to ground view of two Lancasters parked on snow covered ground.

Loaded Lancaster bomb bay. An airman stands on the right looking up while another two inspect bomb at the rear.

On the left the track left by aircraft as it crossed road and on the right a Lancaster wheels up with broken wing rests in a field. Some people around the aircraft.

Side view of a Lancaster resting in field wheels up with broken port wing.

Lancaster wheels up in a field with four airmen standing in front of port inner engine while another pokes out of hatch on top of fuselage.

Six airmen, five wearing uniform with brevet and one in the centre wearing tunic, all standing in line in front of a Lancaster. Two versions o the same image.

Seven airmen, some wearing flying kit squatting and standing by the rear fuselage of a Lancaster with squadron letters 'JO'.

Seven airmen some with brevet visible standing in line in front of a Lancaster.

Front quarter view of Lancaster with bomb being loaded by ground crew. Fuel bowser in front. Aircraft has devil nose art with words 'Nick the Nazi Neutralizer'. Gantry by port inner and an airman on top of wing.

A row of five Lancaster parked with snow on the ground. A tractor on the left with bomb on trolley.

A stream of Lancaster taxiing in line astern.

Four senior RAF officers walking in front of a Lancaster which has 10 rows of operation tally symbols and words 'No enemy plane will fly over the reich territory, Herman Goering'. and letter 'S' on the port front fuselage.

Seven aircrew in a variety of dress, five standing and two squatting in front. In the background the front of a Lancaster with Koala bear and bomb nose art and name 'LIZ'BETH'.

Nine airmen squatting down in front of a Lancaster.

Fourteen airmen in a group standing, squatting and standing with an airwoman sitting centre of front row. In the background the front of a Lancaster with bow legged man nose art and the words 'How Stap Me'

An airman wearing battledress with his foot on the running board of a car which is parked in front of a Lancaster.


Six airmen and one airwoman standing around or sitting in a car with a Lancaster in the background. The car registration is BMP726 and it has 'The Menace' painted above the windscreen.

Seven airmen and two women sitting on top of a vehicle with a Lancaster and another airman pulling a bomb trolley in the background.

Seven aircrew wearing Mae Wests and parachute harness standing in line in front of a Lancaster.

Nose art of 'Uncle Joe' [Joseph Stalin] with three rows of star symbols below the cockpit of a bomber.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster parked on dispersal. Three airmen stand separately at the front. Aircraft has skull and crossbones nose art.

Seven aircrew stand behind six crouching airmen all at the tail of a Lancaster.

View of front of Lancaster with pilot looking out of cockpit window. On the fuselage nose art of skull and crossbones and name 'Piratical Pete'.

Seven aircrew donning life preservers and parachute harnesses in front of a Lancaster. Aircraft has nine rows of operation tally symbols, letter 'S' and 'No enemy plane will fly over Reich territory'.
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