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Front quarter view of an airborne Hawker Hurricane.


View from below of airborne Hurricane,


Two images of a Hawker Hurricane taken at different angles. The bottom right photograph shows the Hurricane outside a hangar.

Guy Gibson taking his oath to rejoin the Boy Scout movement together with Group Captain E Colbeck-Welch, Wing Commander S P Richards, Flight Lieutenant K Davison and Lieutenant F Carruthers; a report of an operation by Wing Commander C M…

Air-to-air views of aircraft taken from a Lancaster during fighter affiliation exercises.
#1, 3,4, 7,8,9,10 and 11 are Hurricane and Spitfire
#2 is a Stirling.
#5 is a Mosquito
#6 is a Boston.

A pilot in the cockpit of a Lancaster. Buildings and Hurricanes behind.

Lists of Ceylonese in three batches and miscellaneous arrivals who volunteered for and joined the RAF with some details of their service. Includes b/w photograph of Sergeant Rex De Silva in 1943.

Calculations and total flying hours on all aircraft flown.

Certificate that Warrant Officer Rosser L V had passed written exam on the Hurricane aircraft and carried out satisfactory practical test on cockpit drills. Covered in handwritten hours calculations front and rear.

List flying hours on Halifax, Whitley, Wellington, Anson, Oxford, Hurricane, Defiant, Martinet, Lysander, Hind and Magister. Provides breakout of 2nd pilot, dual, 1st pilot, day and night, solo and total flying. Last page has additions of hours.

A small reproduction of a colour print of a Hurricane carrying bombs, it is in flight above clouds.


Left - newspaper cutting headline - a Lancaster again thunders over Lincs. Article by Ken Lee, war artist, who had been commissioned to paint a picture of the only remaining Waddington Lancaster. Tells of his trip in the Lancaster.
Top right -…

Top left - newspaper cutting with photograph of a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire flying over the RAF College Cranwell. Text explains where aircraft based. Top centre - newspaper cutting with photograph of a parked Lancaster with a Vulcan flying…

Contains British, American, German and Italian aircraft silhouettes.

Top left - tug of war team picking up rope. Captioned 'C Sqd tug team 1938'.
Top right - View from below of formation of four Hawker Harts. Captioned 'Harts'.
Bottom left - front quarter view of a Sunderland airborne over open countryside.…

Tadeusz record of flying at No 48 M.U for years 1952 to 1958. Lists aircraft types and hours by month.

Top - head and shoulders image of two men wearing civilian jacket and tie with a hedge behind. Submitted with description 'Post-war colour print of Des Richards, Chairman of the 106 Sqn Association, and F/Lt David Shannon DSO*, DFC* of 106 and 617…

Air-to-air view of a Hurricane registration 'PC476' port side. Submitted with caption; “Fighter affiliation over Metheringham 1943 by OG Cook'.

Six men wearing a variety of uniform standing in front of the starboard wing of a Hurricane. Another man sits up on the wing. In the background a hangar. Captioned 'Pilots and Ground Crew - RAF Abu Sueir'.
Additional information about this item was…

Front half of a Hurricane with an airman sitting on top of fuselage in front of cockpit. Captioned 'Hurricane with Personnel - RAF Abu Sueir'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

A port side view of a Hurricane. Behind is the tail of a Meteor. On the reverse 'August 1964 The last 'Hurricane' in the RAF. This aircraft was photographed at Boscombe Down, the Air Ministry & RAF Research station, where the ultra-modern TSR2 is…

Jig for wing spar from left to right with other jigs behind. Man wearing dust coat is working on front jig labelled Rear Spar Starboard. Submitted with caption 'Repair of Hurricane wings. Assembly and riveting of main spar'.


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