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Top - group of men in khaki uniform and side caps marching along path to the right. In the distance some isolated buildings. Captioned 'The walk to the flight line'. Middle left - line of AT6As from right to left distance facing left. Captioned 'Yes…

Airborne view of an AT6A with pilot in front cockpit with canopy back. Below are clouds and fields. Captioned 'AT6A in flight'. Includes scan of photograph.

Top left - front view of AT6A in middle. Front left is a wing tip. To the right in the distance an AT6 facing away and further back, buildings. Captioned 'The bloody tower'. Middle right ' A man wearing khaki uniform with one foot up on fuselage…

Top left - two men wearing peaked caps and greatcoats standing in front of a car which is parked in front of a building. Snow on the ground 'Captioned 'Macoughlan (fighter pilot) & the CO'.
Top right - building with covered porch in the background.…

Top left - a man wearing overalls standing on the port wing by the cockpit of a Harvard. The aircraft number part 'B-5' is visible
Bottom right - mangled wreckage, probably unidentified aircraft. In the background corrugated wall with window on…

An extract from George's logbook with a summary of his flying in the RAF. It includes aircraft type, where and hours flown.

Pilots flying log book for R E Wannop, covering the period from 11 April 1943 to 21 September 1943. Detailing his flying training and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Peterborough, RCAF Pearce, RCAF Moss Jaw, RAF Woodley, and RAF Sealand.…

This edition covers an Editorial, poems, the padres notes, romantic fiction, a car chase in London, a list of expenditure of the station's social funds, recollections of flying in the Great War, Christmas stories, Officers Mess gossip, a story about…

This edition has adverts, an Editorial, reminisces by Dr Vyse, an appreciation of the arrival of the RAF at Weyburn, photographs of Weyburn, stories about Gremlins, a fictitious love story, photos of dances, Weyburn library, poems, love stories, a…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a three-quarter length portrait of five airmen standing outside, captioned 'GOT THEM AT LAST YT, Don. John Frank Wayne'.
Photo 2 is two airmen standing outside, behind are three storey huts and a tractor,…

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a mock suicide of a man in pajamas hanging from a rope, captioned 'Frank couldn't face wings test'.
Photo 2 is a flying image of the starboard side of a Harvard '92', captioned 'SELF in formation with Don…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an airman sitting on a chair reading a book. Behind are Harvards and Ansons. It is captioned 'Jeff Bromfield'.
Photo 2 is a group of eight airmen seated in the sun, captioned 'Another Group'.
Photo 3 is a…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an airman sitting on a bench and smoking a pipe. Behind are several Harvards. It is captioned 'P/O (now F/O) Carruthers, my instructor.'
Photo 2 and 4 are seven airmen standing outside a hut, captioned…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an Oxford on its nose, captioned 'An Oxford visits us'.
Photo 2 and 3 are a Harvard, AJ943, upside down, captioned '-and John got out & walked away'.
Photo 4 is a Harvard upside down, captioned 'Digger…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a Tiger Moth and a Harvard, captioned 'A Tiger Moth visits us'.
Photo 2 is an air-to-air view of two Harvards in the air, captioned 'Cookie's aircraft from mine. Frank in the distance'.
Photo 3 is a…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a Harvard parked on the snow with its engine running, captioned 'Off to Work'.
Photo 2 and 3 are oblique aerial photographs centred on a park, captioned 'I wonder why they built it (?) Weyburn…

Flying Officer T.A. Ford’s RCAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book, from 11th July 1942 to 27th August 1950, detailing his training in Great Britain and Canada and operations as a pilot and flying instructor. Also includes post-war duties with Transport…

Six photographs of RCAB Rivers, No 1 Air Navigation School. First, third, fourth and fifth are from the air. The second is of a Harvard alongside a hangar and the sixth is of a row of Cornell aircraft and an Anson in the background.

A letter from Pete to Terry Ford where he writes about Terry starting to fly flying boats. Pete writes about how many hours he has got in flying. He has been to Vancouver on leave and is waiting to hear if he is going on a GR course.

A postcard of 14 Harvards in a line with a parade of airmen marching past. It is captioned 'Greetings from Moncton, N.B.'

The wing of a Harvard as it lands on a snowy airfield. On the reverse 'We slash down the runway on a Winter morning. What's snow & ice to men like us!!! Cheers, I'm half dead with cold. Nov 42'.

The Harvard in a near vertical climb. On the reverse 'Ross takes the Harvard into a loop on a Winter evening. SFTS 42'.
On a second photograph an airfield with many aircraft can be seen under the wing. It is captioned 'I bank over Scoudouc 'Drome…

A blurred image taken from a rear cockpit. On the reverse 'My head obscures everything as usual. Diving on Shack on the bank of the PetitKodiak [sic] SFTS 42'.
In a second image his head is turned towards the camera.
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