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51 aircrew in three rows in front of a Hampden and a hangar with a large dog in the centre of the front row. John Nicholl is fifth from the right in the front row.

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Large group of airmen with a dog arranged in three rows in front of a Hampden.
Information supplied with the collection indicates 144 Squadron.

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Reports attack on Mannheim using incendiaries by Stirling, Halifax, Lancaster, Manchester, Wellington and Hampdens.

Group portrait of 49 Squadron aircrew, arranged in three rows in front of a Hampden. Captioned '49 Squadron Aircrew, Oct 1941, RAF Scampton', five men are marked as Jimmy Woolgar, Claree, Ellis, Gatsby and Rafe Allsebrook.

Left, centre and right side of single long photograph. Men are wearing uniform tunics and side or peaked caps. Sitting and standing in seven rows in the centre and six on the flanks. In the centre the nose and engines of a Hampden are visible.…

81 aircrew, officers and non commissioned officers in four rows in front of a Hampden. Two engines are visible and behind is an open hangar door. On the reverse, names are underlined in red, green or both colours.

Lists crew as ' Pilot Officer J E Newton-Clare, 33492, Sergeant C O Clarke, 745257, Sergeant W Thom[..]son, 637247, Sergeant W L Powell, 641379'. Date 6/7 September 1940'. Notes discrepancy in bomber command records and war diaries over whether…

Four aircrew stand by rear fuselage of a Hampden while four ground crew are under port wing and engine.

Four aircrew wearing uniform with aircrew brevet sitting in front while five ground crew wearing overalls stand behind. In the background the front of a Hampden with nose art of a monkey holding a bomb.

Inside view of large factory room with flaps before they are covered on trestles. Submitted with caption 'Production of Hampden spares. Assembly of flaps'.


A tail boom on stands and below a flap before it received its covering. Submitted with caption 'Production of Hampden spares. Completed tail boom and flap (before fabric covering)'.


Three Perspex cupolas above an aircraft panel with seat to then Perspex canopy to the right. In the foreground various metal frames and panels. Submitted with caption 'Production of Hampden spares. Representative Assemblies produced'.


Four aircrew wearing flying jackets, seated but holding two large bombs upright. Behind are standing five ground crew wearing tunics. In the background the front of a Hampden.

A group of airmen gathers round a Hampden with undercarriage up on grass. Crane by the tail and man in cockpit. Squadron letters 'VN'

Airmen standing by an aircraft. Kenneth James Broderick can be seen sitting on the wing wearing a flight jacket. The identification of the aircraft reads " D-VN".

Kenneth James Broderick standing on the left with two other airmen in flight jackets. They can be seen standing in front of a Handley Page Hampden aircraft.

Three photographs of a group of airmen arranged on and around a Hampden. #1 A group of 87 uniformed airmen; 52 in two rows on the wings and cockpit of the Hampden and 35 in two rows on the ground in front. Seven officers are wearing peak caps and the…

A list of aircraft with a brief description of each one with size, construction, engine, armament and observation details.

Crowd, some in uniform, around car in street, with houses in the background and car in foreground. Taken through window from inside a building. Submitted with description 'Photo taken from inside the Daugaard Inn in Daugaard, Denmark showing the…

A detailed Biography of Reg' service and post service life.

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Pilot Officer Bob Butler covering 22 September 1940 to 23 September 1942 detailing training flights, air tests and operations.
Served at RAF Jurby, RAF Bassingbourn, RAF Newmarket, RAF Waterbeach, RAF…
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