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Henry Sturrock's crew in two rows with bushes behind.
Henry Sturrock's crew and six ground crew in front of a Halifax. The pilot is holding a small dog.

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Two pages from Bob's log book showing some of his training flights and operations whilst with 51 Squadron.

A list of Bob and his crew. A colour drawing of their Halifax and the location of their graves in Normandy.

First is of a crew, posed in two rows on grass in front of a wall. Given names and crew position recorded.
Second and third are the crew posed in front of Halifax 'Jane' on dispersal, servicing equipment in the background.
Fourth is of a Halifax…

A target photograph taken on an operation to Bochum. Most of the image shows puffs of smoke and light trails but some ground detail can be seen through the haze. The photograph is annotated '5B and captioned:'2956 DRF. 4/5-11-44//NT(C) 7" 18000.…

Top left - extract from Ned Sparkes's log book between 3 August 1944 and 25 August 1944 with operations to Foret de Nieppe, St Leu-d'Esserent and Brest.
Right - document titled "The Reckoning". Giving details of bomber commands sorties, aircraft and…

Top left - extract from ned Sparkes's log book from 1 July 1944 to 28 July 1944 with operations to Bienhais, Bremont, Vaires, Dognes St Nazaire and Hamburg.
Right - three short documents one partially obscured two relating to flying bomb sites, and…

Top - explanatory note explaining that our crews contributed to D-Day.
Top left - newspaper cutting providing account of plan for attack on Merville battery including saturation bombing by Lancasters and ground attack. Goes on with account of actual…

Top - extract from Ned Sparkes's log book from 22 April 1944 to 11 May 1944 with operations to Düsseldorf, Karlsruhe, Essen, Somain. St Ghislane and St-Valery and Boulogne.
Underneath - six short documents with accounts of these six operations…

Eleven airmen, two wearing Mae Wests and others in variety of uniform, five squatting in front and six standing behind. In the background the nose and port wing of a Halifax. On the reverse '1944, Halifax 3, Driffield, 462 Sqn, Back row, AC2 Neilsen,…

Eleven airmen, two wearing Mae Wests and others in variety of uniform, five squatting in front and six standing behind. In the background the nose and port wing of a Halifax. On the reverse '1944, 462 Sqn, Driffield, Yorks, Halifax 3, Back, A/C…

View from cockpit into bomb aimers station with part of pilots seat and throttles at top and bombsight in nose. On the reverse '1944, Holme on Spalding Moor, 76 Squadron, Halifax 3 and Mk 14 Bombsight'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital…

Front quarter view of a Halifax parked with main undercarriage wheel covers on and several ground crew. Aircraft is being refuelled by bowser in front. Submitted with caption 'Halifax refuel'. Two versions of the same image, the second on the reverse…

Describes the introduction of Halifax into service with associated problems. Mentions first operations to Le Havre. Goes on to describe engine and gun turret upgrades as well as other modifications. Continues with introduction of Mk 3. and Mk 6…

On the right an airborne Halifax with wheels down just above the ground while below a man watches. To the bottom centre and left a small truck towing a check pattern runway caravan wit wind sock behind. Submitted with caption LV874 EY-P Popeye's…

Rear quarter view of Halifax letter 'EY - M' parked on dispersal with engines running. Submitted with caption '78 Sqn Halifax MkIII EY-M at dispersal RAF Breighton'. Two versions of the same image, the second submitted with caption '78 Sqn Halifax…

In the middle distance a Halifax taking-off with main wheels still on the ground. In the distance left a hangar and right another Halifax. In the foreground the starboard wing of a Halifax. Captioned 'Halifaxes of 78 Squadron taking off from RAF…

Target photograph showing bomb explosions and smoke. Just above the centre a Halifax flying below from left to right. Parts of town are visible on the right. On the reverse 'Over Noyelle-en-Chaussée 24 June 1944, Handley Page Halifax III, British…

Covers all postings in service including training in England and the United States and operations on 158 Squadron flying Halifax after which he was a pilot instructor.

Gives account of Halifax of 466 Squadron in which P J Hogan was navigator being shot down by German intruder aircraft on night 3/4 March 1945. The navigator and two gunners baled out successfully. The engineer left the aircraft but his parachute did…

A series of Luftwaffe engagement reports, some in German, some translated concerning the attacks on a four engined bomber in the early hours of 18 December 1944 probably Henry Wagner's Halifax.
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