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Shows a single bomb load for operation and includes distributor, and preselection settings, timings and other details. On the reverse instructions for H2S aircraft, list of aircraft and headings and Window instructions.

Shows three bomb loads for seven, ten and five aircraft respectively. First load contains 1000 pound AMN59 bombs the second 1000 pound AMN65 and the third 1850 and 1500 pound parachute mines. Annotated 'Mining in Gironde'. Details distributor and…

List of crews and flying and other activities in time blocks between 0945 and 1700. Some crews activities to be detailed, other include H2S cross country, H2S bombing, high level bombing and others. Note all crews on E/Flying to report to Squadron…

Target map of unknown target

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Target map of Wesseling

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Shows a single bomb load for operation. Details spacing, preselection and false height settings as well as times, Window, weights and route. On the reverse lists aircraft allocated to three waves, covers illumination and marking method as well as…

Target map latitude/longitude 48° 05’N 11° 17’E, centred on the aerodrome at Oberpfaffenhofen.
Fürstenfeldbruck, Eichenau, Alling, Gilching, Argelsried are also plotted.

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Lists night flying training on 4 April 1944 mostly H2S sorties. Followed by day training flying on 5 April 1944 mostly oxygen checks and high level bombing as well as an H2S dual. Also includes some ground training which includes one crew clay pigeon…

Shows two bomb loads for six and seven aircraft annotated H2S respectively. Details preselection, time interval and false height settings. Includes timing, weights, Window effort, route and marking method. as well as bombing instructions. Page is…

Title 'A/C AUW'. Table with tare, petrol, WS&D, Window, bomb and take off all up weights. Three configurations, main with eight aircraft, H2S with seven aircraft and support with two.

Annotated 'Stuttgart, MINOL YLXZTU'. Shows three bomb loads for operation. Details preselection, delay and false height settings and other information. Includes weights, Window, effort level and marking method. Mentions Pathfinders, route marking and…

Title 'A/C AUW'. Table with tare, petrol, WS&D, Window, actual bomb and take off all up weights. Includes increase to full petrol and decrease mB load. Groups two configurations under Force A, main and main/H2S with four aircraft each. Three aircraft…

Shows four bomb loads for operation for four, four with H2S, two and three aircraft respectively. Details preselection and delay settings. Page is struck through and annotated 'Scrubbed' in large letters.

Title 'A/C AUW'. Table with tare, petrol, Window, spare, actual bomb and take off all up weights. Columns for main (five aircraft), H2S (six aircraft), windfinder crossed out (two aircraft), WS&D H2S crossed out (two aircraft) and H2S (one aircraft)

Table with tare, petrol, extra Window actual and take off weights for six configurations. Three configurations are H2S and two are backers up.

Table with tare, petrol, WE&D, spare, take off and actual bomb weights. Columns for main, main spare, H2S, wind finder H2S and wind finder.

Shows four bomb loads for operation. Details preselection, delay and false height settings and other information. Mentions MINOL filled and H2S. Page is struck through and annotated 'Scrubbed' in large red letters. On the reverse two routes, marking…

Jim Barr grew up in Scotland and worked as an apprentice engineer before volunteering for the Royal Air Force. He trained as a navigator in South Africa and flew operations with 61 Squadron. He describes what it was like to be a navigator with Bomber…

Maurice grew up Rothwell in Yorkshire, joined the Air Training Corp, and then joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 18, after spending time with Cambridge University Air Squadron. He completed his pilot training in Canada before going to the…

W E (Bill) Lucas joined the Royal Air Force in 1940, where he trained as a fighter pilot flying Miles Magisters and Miles Masters, before being posted to RAF Lossiemouth and moving into Bomber Command where he flew the Vickers Wellington 1C. He flew…

Syd Marshall grew up in Lincolnshire and was working as an engineering apprentice when he decided to volunteer for the RAF. He asked initially to train to be a pilot but when the basis of his apprenticeship became clear it was inevitable he would be…

After spending time in the Air Defence Cadet Corps, Bill Moore joined the Royal Air Force, qualifying as an observer. He tells of his family history in wartime and his transatlantic trip, landing in New York before heading to Canada for his training.…

Ernie Patterson DFM was born in Middleton St George in Darlington. At the age of 14, he left school and took on a job as an apprentice Joiner.
He joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 19 in 1941, but whilst he was waiting to be called up, he was…

Ted joined the Royal Air Force in January 1938. He went to RAF Halton and became a fitter at RAF Boscombe Down, experiencing many aircraft. He did an air gunners’ course and became a flight engineer on Halifaxes. Ted explains why flight engineers…
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