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The river Scheldte runs from middle left to right. On the far bank town buildings with possibly some ships moored along the bank. In the distance open countryside on both banks. In the centre a canal leads from the river inland leading to three…

On the left side, docklands covered with buildings. On the right the land converges to a peninsular with water above and below. In the bottom centre a shipyard with two uncompleted ships with raised forecastle and large open cargo hatches at the…

In the bottom half, a triangular shaped area of dockland covered in snow with star shaped roads and railway lines. There are several damaged buildings without roofs. A road bridge crosses a narrow waterway which runs from lower left towards the…

A body of water stretches from the left side to the top middle with a tidal flats at the left end. From the middle bottom up to the lower bank of the waters is Mole 6 with multiple railway sidings on the left side and narrow buildings along the right…

Across the centre four wide moles numbered 1 to 4 from right to left. Each mole has entry roads and numerous building. Many of the buildings appear to have damaged roofs. Mole 1 is only partly visible. Mole two has two large buildings on the right…

Lancaster at very low level with undercarriage down over grass airfield with row of trees on horizon. Captioned 'Baedecker Bus Feltwell, 14 June 45'.

Label below has swastikas at top left and right and text 'V-E +, Sept 3rd 1939 to May 8th 1945'.

Map showing route in black with red direction arrows from a base near Ely via Dunkirk, through Belgium to Maastricht, Aachen, Cologne, to the east of the Dortmund in the Ruhr and then return via Holland. Label 'Map of route, France, Belgium, Germany…

Aerial inclined photograph of Köln cathedral and surrounding area all showing heavy bomb damage.
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