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Lancaster at very low level with undercarriage down over grass airfield with row of trees on horizon. Captioned 'Baedecker Bus Feltwell, 14 June 45'.

Label below has swastikas at top left and right and text 'V-E +, Sept 3rd 1939 to May 8th 1945'.

The river Scheldte runs from middle left to right. On the far bank town buildings with possibly some ships moored along the bank. In the distance open countryside on both banks. In the centre a canal leads from the river inland leading to three…

The river Scheldt runs from top left to right with town buildings on the far bank on the left and open country beyond. In the centre on the near bank a waterway with a barrier at the top leads from the river into a series of interconnected water…

The river Scheldt runs from left to right. On the far bank on the right there is a small built up area and a straight road runs from there into the distance. On the near bank a city with many multi storey buildings and streets with a small number of…

In the distance at the top wooded low hills. In the centre a city with many multistory buildings. A third of the way up a tree line boulevard runs from left to right with some large detached buildings on the near side. At the bottom centre parkland…

City landscape with a large number of multistory buildings. A railway runs from top left to centre top with some wagons on the left end, Two streets run slightly diverging from the bottom towards the top either side of which are number of damaged and…
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