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Fourteen men, ten sitting and four standing, gathered round a table looking at a model of an Avro York on the table as well as a rolled document. behind to the right a door. Roy Chadwick is in the centre sitting. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick with his…

Top - Half Length portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing dark suit standing behind a desk looking at a document. There are windows behind. Captioned '(Wording on the back of photos). A specification is received the air ministry for a modification to be…

Seven men in line three are wearing white flying suits and the others coats and two with hats. Behind the rear fuselage of a passenger aircraft with open door. Captioned 'First flight of the Avro Tudor at Woodford, March 1946. Messrs Alf Stewart,…

Three-quarter length portrait of a seated man wearing suit, tie and academic dress. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick CBE MSc FRAS FRAeS, awarded Hon Master of Science by Manchester University 1943'.

In the centre H M the King wearing a light suit and tie at the front of a progression of men in suits. To either side workmen at machine benches. Inside a factory building. On the reverse 'The King visits Chadderton about 1941. Roy Chadwick mid photo…

Taken from below, a pilot on the right sits at the controls and Roy Chadwick wearing parachute harness stands to the left.

Half Length portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing dark suit standing behind a desk looking at a document. There are windows behind. On the reverse 'In his office at Chadderton'.

Half length portrait of a man in suit and tie holding up a model Lancaster while a young man looks on. On the reverse 'About 1944. Roy Chadwick CBE MSc FRAS FRAeS designer of the Avro Lancaster with A Peter Bamford and a model Lancaster with air…

A group of dignitaries including a mayor, an air force officer (saluting) and several other men and women on a reviewing stand with an ensign behind them. On steps behind and to the sides a large group of spectators in formal dress or uniform.…

Three men in dark suits and hats, the left hand one wearing a mayoral chain walking toward the camera. Behind a group of men and women and in the background a Lancaster in a fenced enclosure. Captioned 'Wings for Victory Week at Lancaster 1943. The…

A dinner with top table on the top left and three legs running right to left. All are occupied by men in suits and ties. There are two waitresses behind diners towards centre of top table. On the reverse 'An Avro wartime dinner, Roy Chadwick…

Four men standing in line. The two on the left wear overalls and the second from left is shaking hands with a man wearing coat and hat in the centre. To the right another two men both in overalls. The man on the far right is wearing side cap. Above…

Three quarter length portrait of a seated man wearing university robe. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick CBE in the robe of honorary master at Manchester University July 1944 at the age of 51 years'.

Side view of a four engine airliner registration G-AGSU parked on grass, Two men in white overalls stand under the port outer engine. Signed 'With my love Daddy, [signature] Roy Chadwick'.

Two men wearing coats and hats talking while viewing a Napier propeller display inside a hangar. There are groups of men behind to the left and to the right.

Three quarter length portrait of a man wearing dark suit and tie, standing at a desk reading a document. In the background a window. On the reverse 'From Illustrated 1942, Roy Chadwick in his office at Avro factory at Chadderton'.

Nine men gathered round a table listening to Roy Chadwick who is standing centre pointing to a model of an Avro York. Table is covered with blueprints and documents. In the background a window. On the reverse 'Picture Post, Roy Chadwick (centre…

A single engine biplane standing surrounded by men in front of a hangar with open doors. On top of the hangar a windsock. Captioned 'Woodford Aerodrome, Bramhill'. On the reverse 'The hangar 1930s are still here and used by devotes of Avro. It was…

A single engine biplane with floats. Sitting on the floats are three men all wearing hats and the two on the left dark overcoats. The man on the right in light suit is j=holding a walking stick. In the background a hangar with doors closed. On the…

A man with flying helmet and goggles looks out of the front cockpit of a biplane. A smiling woman wearing flying helmet and goggles looks out of the rear cockpit. Captioned 'Mary (Roy Chadwick's wife) on her first flight with Hinkler'. On the reverse…

Full length portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing suit and tie standing holding one propeller blade of a single engine biplane (Avro Baby) with 'AVRO' in large letters on port side. In the background left and centre right buildings and trees beyond.

Front quarter view of a single engine biplane. In front are six men, two on the left wearing suits, four on the right, two with flying helmets and the other two wearing suits and coats. In the background a hangar with open doors and A V Roe & Co…

Wings and fuselage framework of aircraft in workshop. Engine mounted at right side. Two men working behind starboard wing and others, including one standing in doorway, in the background. Four men working at bench on right side. On the reverse…

Side view of a single engine, two seat biplane flying to the left just above the ground. Registration G-EBKP. Both cockpits occupied. In the background trees. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick as a passenger + Bert Hinkler as pilot in [crossed out] 1925'.

Side on technical drawing of a two seat single engine biplane . Captioned '2 seater. 35 hp \green, A V Roe & Co Ltd, scale 1 1/2" - 1 Foot 25-9-19, Type 543, Drawing No A.501'. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick has initialled this blueprint'.
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