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Alan writes that more letters have been arriving. He asks about his Caterpillar Club badge. He is losing a lot of hair but is fit.

Alan still has not heard from his parents. He asks after Basil. He lists some items to be sent to him.

Letter from Irvin to Bill's mother congratulating him on having successfully baled out and his Caterpillar Club welcome letter.

Made out for Flying Officer E W Sanger

Previously reported missing now presumed to have been killed. Gives other personal details. Includes head and shoulders portrait of man in flying jacket.

A card issued to J Fullum.

A card from the Caterpillar Club to Dick Curnock annotated 'Have ordered pin for J Fullum. Thought you might find these of interest! Eileen [undecipherable]'

Dick Curnock's Caterpillar Club membership card.

The letter accompanied the gold pin Dick has purchased from the Caterpillar Club.

The first letter asks for his Caterpillar club pin and is dated 26/11/45. The second letter asks to purchase a gold pin, and is dated 23/1/47.

A postcard sent to Leslie Irvin from Dick Curnock whilst a prisoner of war. He refers to his being shot down and surviving thanks to his Irvin parachute. He asks to be enrolled in the Caterpillar club.

Sent to Ursula Valentine stating that they were glad to hear that John Valentine had saved his life with one of their chutes. However, they regret that they would not be able to send a badge until after the war due to supply restrictions.

Mentions receiving his letter of 5 October and another from Caterpillar Club with membership card. Continues with news of domestic activities, the arrival of new lodger with baby which daughter Frances is thrilled to have in the house. Writes of…

Jim Cahir at a Caterpillar Club reunion. He is one of a group of 19 men. They appear to be watching one man giving a demonstration. On the reverse 'Jim at Caterpillar Club Reunion Circa 1947'.

Reports arrival of letters and says how much she treasures them. Answers points he raised; glad to receive definite ruling on future housing, notes that future main source of supply would be Touche, plans to do agricultural course when he gets back…

Keith Bruhn's membership card.

Number 9. Has heard from Caterpillar Club that badges are being sent. Reports food parcel from Lisbon and list contents. Writes of damage to his gold ring. Writes of activities and rumour of move. Mentions lice have disappeared and provides cryptic…

A mocked up membership card and photograph of pin issued to Sergeant Fred Hooker. It is captioned 'Ervin [sic] Parachute Company Issue Original Membership Club Card Mislaid Pin kept with medals'.
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