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Philip Batty grew up in Walsall. He discusses the death of his older brother Dennis, a wireless operator with 226 Squadron, early in the Second World War. Philip volunteered for aircrew. After training, he was posted to 50 Squadron at RAF Sturgate as…

Glenn Atkins was born in Newport Pagnell and was called up for National Service in 1951. He was involved in exercises to test the defences of Europe during the Cold War. When he was released from National Service he returned to his former company…

Don Crossley was born in South Emsall in 1924. He tells of his time before the war working at Upton Colliery before joining the Royal Air Force. He volunteered and trained initially as a wireless operator / air gunner. He tells of his experience at…

Harry Algar worked as an office boy at Hay’s Wharf in London before the war. He entered the Air Training Corps before joining the RAF when he was seventeen. Started his training on Tiger Moths but was then sent to Canada to remuster as a bomb…

Photograph 1 is four women on the beach, captioned 'On the beach at Santa Monica is glimpsed a cross-section of Miss America. Here pictured while sun-basking are outstanding examples of "The American Look".'
Photograph 2 is a group of airmen and…

John Beeching was born in London and joined the RAF in 1941. His initial training was in Canada. After several escapades John joined 169 Squadron as a night fighter pilot and worked in electronic countermeasures as well as training crews in air…

Sixteen aircraft listed (Domine, Proctor, Anson, Wellington, Lancaster, Lincoln, B-29, Halifax, C-47, Neptune, Shackleton, Hastings, Varsity, Argosy, Victor, Vulcan) for a total of approximately 11,000 flying hours.

Eric was born in 1924 in West Derby, Liverpool and volunteered for the Royal Air Force at the age of 17 and a half, finally being called up in January 1942 where he became a navigator / bomb aimer on Lancasters. After completing his training in…

Partial view of B-29 cockpit, with upper gun turret, and escape hatch. The starboard wing is reflected in the fuselage panelling.


Rear turret of B-29, showing a man wearing a cap inside the turret, with his left hand on a mechanism. He is looking at or through the mechanism. The right side of his face is brightly illuminated. In the background, on the lower left edge, can be…

Tail section of B-29, N91329, showing rear gunner's position, mid upper and lower gun turrets, and skid plate. 137 is on the tail, plus identification flashes. In the background can be see a number of hangers. An aerial runs from the top of the tail,…

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Two upper turrets on B-29, both have their covers off, and each is being serviced by two men. One man on each is wearing overalls and a cap indicating 91st Gunnery Section. The other two men are wearing jackets and leather gloves. The furthest…

Four ground crew plus a sergeant inspecting the lower gun turret of a B-29 with it's cowling off. Three of the aircrew, and the sergeant are wearing overalls, the other man is wearing work shirt and trousers. In the background a scaffolding platform…

An air-to-air oblique photograph of B-29, 487775, in flight over farmland. Scattered cloud.


Covers coastal patrols to determine density and frequency coverage of enemy radar organisation, discovery of new enemy radar type and monitoring enemy overland radar and communications. Mentions use of specially equipped Wellington flown over enemy…

Man looking through a metal instrument which he is holding up to the Perspex of a window on a B-29. He is leaning forward. He is wearing a cap with earphones over, and a leather jacket with a harness over. There are controls for a heated suit, and…

Port side interior of B-29 cockpit, captioned, 'Airplane Commander's Station'. Several instruments are visible, plus the maker's plaque saying 'The Boeing B-29 Superfortress'. A man's right arm is visible with his hand holding the cross piece of the…

B-29 control panel, captioned, 'Flight Engineer's Station', showing numerous dials, switches and levers. Part of a window is visible in the upper left portion.

Front view of aircraft engine and propeller, captioned, 'Number Three Nacelle with Bird-Plug. Wright R3350 Engine and Hamilton Standard Hydraulic Prop'. The engine is not running. Buildings and further aircraft can be seen in the background.


View looking forward between the flight positions through the nose of a B-29. The interior is very dark; three instrument dials can be seen on the port side station, with the right hand of the pilot visible on the control column. The aircraft is…

Nose wheel assembly of B-29 on the ground, captioned, 'Nose Gear'. The wheels are chocked with wooden blocks, joined with rope. Hangars and further aircraft can be see in the background.

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