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Avro Anson V5584 FD-YF flying low past five stationary DH82 Tiger Moths, submitted with caption; “No. 24 RFS, Rochester.”

Group of people in various uniforms and formal clothing gathered in front of the port side of an Avro Anson, submitted with caption; “Pilots and navigators, weekend flyers at No. 24 Reserve Flying School, Rochester, Kent, March 1949.”)

Pilot's notes for Anson 1 - two Cheetah IX engines.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


Notes place of aircrew selection board on 10/03/43 and lists all course undertaken, promotion dates, flying times on operational aircraft and last medical board.

Air-to-air view of an Anson flying with clouds below.


Taken from the front showing nose and engines, parked on snow covered apron, lightning flash on side of nose.


Sam and Wag dressed in Sidcot suits, standing in front of an Anson. On the reverse 'Wag and I'.

Two airmen in Sidcot suits, leaning on an Anson. On the reverse' Arthur and I'.

List of twenty-nine letters sent by Donald Baker to his mother between June 1940 and September 1941. Also notes he was shot down on 5 November 1941.

An Anson seen from the front and above showing damage along its leading edges, engines and nose, captioned 'ASI 2/5/41 Hailstone Damage RCAF Rivers, Man'.


A group of airmen standing in front of an Anson. It is parked in the snow in front of a hangar.
The photo is annotated -
'1st Graduating Class No 5 Air Observers School
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
March 26 1941'.

19 photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an Anson viewed from the port/rear, captioned 'The "Flying Greenhouse" '.
Photo 2 is three Ansons outside a hangar, captioned 'Warming Up'.
Photo 3 is three airmen standing at the front of an Anson,…

41 airmen arranged in front of an Anson. The ground is snow covered. Behind is a hangar.

An Anson flying above a convoy.

An ai-to-air view of eight Avro Anson aircraft in formation flying to the left over the sea. All have squadron number 217 and aircraft letter. Nearest the camera in registration K8749. On the reverse 'Avro Anson'.


Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an airman sitting on a chair reading a book. Behind are Harvards and Ansons. It is captioned 'Jeff Bromfield'.
Photo 2 is a group of eight airmen seated in the sun, captioned 'Another Group'.
Photo 3 is a…

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Pete Lamb in flying kit standing amongst a snow bank. Behind is an Anson. It is captioned 'Pete Lamb (at Carberry)'.
Photo 2 is three airmen standing outside a wooden hut, captioned 'Mac, Pete & John'.

Eight Ansons parked on the snow. On the reverse 'December '42 Winter Evening - The Ansons rest'.

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A side view of two crashed aircraft. The first aircraft has damage to the rea and the second, an Anson, has been damaged at the front. On the reverse 'Dickie Reid shows the Canadians what the RAF can do!! SFTS 42'.
A second image of the accident…

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Photo 1 is a starboard side ground view of an Anson.
Photo 2 is a port side view of the R-100 airship attached to a ground pylon.
Photo 3 is a port side view of a Welkin.


The story of Homer Lawson from birth in August 1921 to death in September 1975. He trained as a Navigator in Wales and in Scotland before converting to Halifaxes in Yorkshire. He completed 38 operations then returned to Scotland for more training.…

26 airmen arranged in three rows in front of an Anson. [or Cessna Crane] It is captioned 'Course 106 Red Section Saskatoon E & F Flights No 4 SFTS August 1944'. It is further captioned with the names of all present.

An air-to-air side view of a flying Anson, captioned 'Anson 7 AGS 1944 Stormy Downs'.

Flying log book for R O J Searle, Flight Engineer, covering the period from 25 June 1944 to13 July 1945 and from 17 August 1951 to 14 September 1964.
Detailing his training as a flight engineer and a full tour of operations flown with Bomber…

Three airmen, including Fred Say, leaning against an Anson.

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