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15 airmen. Nine are sitting on top of the aircraft and six are standing under the front.
On the reverse '85% W. Alan North 1583475 98 139 Wing.'

An enamelled badge of the 98 Squadron, both sides.

Briefing notes for gunners for an attack on Hamburg marshalling yards.

A three quarter length portrait of Alan standing by a stone wall.
On the reverse 'F Sg W Alan 1583475 Bomber 98 Command Wahn Station Please return 1946 W Alan North'.

Two airmen standing at the nose of a Mosquito.
On the reverse 'Flight Sgt W Alan North VR 1583475. Pilot Johnny with Alan & their Mosquito bomber 1942-1946 Operations Pathfinder & 98 Bomber Command 1000 B Raids inc. Demobilised Autumn 1946 at…

Air Gunner’s flying log book for C McDermott covering the period from 7 July 1941 to 28 July 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, includes course results, gunners briefing note and target details. He was stationed at RAF…

Four photographs on a card captioned 'Koln 1945'. Two are of the main bridges, road and rail, destroyed by the bombing and two views of the devastation around the cathedral.
On the reverse 'Morning after! Cologne Photographed by navigator W. Alan…

Frank was on 98 Squadron flying in the Mosquito at Wahn, Germany. A good report.

Frank was Flight Lieutenant Navigator, Bombing leader flying in the Mosquito on 98 Squadron in Germany. He was assessed as fit for promotion in his turn.

Frank had recently arrived on 98 Squadron where as a Flying Officer he flew in the Mosquito as a Navigator /Bomb aimer at Wahn, B.A.F.O. Germany. After a good report he was granted a permanent commission.

History of RAF Foulsham which opened in May 1942 and received 98 and 180 Squadrons in October 1942 with B-25 aircraft. Describes problems getting B-25 operational and early operations as well as an early low level operation on Ghent/Terncuzen where…

Peter was born in London and his home suffered bomb damage during the war. He served in the Air Training Corps until joining the Royal Air Force in 1943. After reporting to the Aircrew Reception Centre at St John’s Wood, he spent a few weeks at RAF…

Peter was born on the 7th of January 1925, in West Hampstead, London. He worked in a jewellers in Hammersmith and left his job to join the air cadets at RAF Hendon from 1941 to 1943. On his eighteenth birthday, he joined the RAF to begin training as…

Alan writes that he has arrived at Melabrook, Brussels. Food is excellent and the girls that do the cooking are pleasant.

Alan writes that the weather has been cold and miserable. They have moved into new accomodation in a former German mess. He asks for food and something to use in hot drinks.

Alan writes thanking his parents for sending newspapers. His squadron is about to move to Germany. They had a large farewell party.

Alan writes that it is snowing heavily. He has met friends from his time spent training in Canada.

Alan describes his working day. He saw General de Gaulle in Brussels. He toured around Brussels then went to see a film.

Alan thanks her for two letters. He is missing her. He describes flying through cloud canyons.
He describes trips to Bocholt, Germany and Orleans.

Alan writes that he should be getting leave from 22nd December for 12 days. He has been flying patrols despite the weather.
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Alan writes that he has been in London. He travelled back by train and ferry. Then via Brussels and then train the next day into Germany where a lot of the towns had been bombed.
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History from opening on 22 November 1942 to civilian use up to January 1981. Originally 2 Group with 98 and 180 squadrons flying B-25. Later based 514 Squadron Lancaster of 3 Group then 192 Squadron of 100 Group flying Wellington. Mosquito and…
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