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Jack Harris resumes describing his post-war career in the Royal Air Force. In October 1955, he became the commanding officer of 542 Squadron, a special duties squadron responsible for sampling radioactive fallout produced by American and Soviet atom…

Photograph of a marshalling yard. Inverted caption: 'VAIRES M/Y Near Paris Imm Report K2665' includes directional arrow pointing north. Caption at top of photograph: '4063 106G.1316.8.JULY.44. F/36"//542SQDN←'.

Photograph shows coastline with fires burning, captioned 'Heligoland K4298, Dist 23c' including directional arrow. Caption at top of photograph: '4008 106G.5377.18.APR.45.F/36"//542 SQDN→ 4'. Caption in right hand bottom corner of photograph:…
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