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Air-to-air view looking down at airborne Lancaster registration 'L7578' squadron letters 'KM-B'. Shadow of aircraft on ground below.

Three officers, two with pilot's brevet, look at a 44 Squadron crest which is held by another officer with Rhodesia shoulder flask who is indicating detail on the crest with a pointer.

Seven aircrew wearing battledress, one with Mae West and two with parachute harness standing in line, arm-in-arm in front of a Lancaster with squadron letters 'KM-B', serial R5508, the, aircraft in which Nettleton won his VC.

Six Lancasters and one Manchester (left) parked on airfield with hanger on the right. Captioned '42 Waddington 44 Sqn'.

View from below of side view of an airborne Lancaster squadron letters 'KM-Q'.

View from below front quarter of an airborne Lancaster.

A large group of airmen standing in front of the rear fuselage of a Lancaster, squadron letters 'KM-C' registration 'R5903'.

Seven aircrew wearing battledress with brevet standing in front of the rear fuselage of a Lancaster, squadron letters 'KM-C', registration 'R5903'.

Side view of a Lancaster parked on grass with squadron letters 'KM-C'.

Lists the previous nine operations of Lancaster W4182 and recording that on an operation to Duisburg on the 20 December 1942 just after take off the aircraft collided with Lancaster W4259 from 44 Squadron. There were no survivors. The crews are…

A list of six names, including Ron's. It includes a poem by HW Longfellow 'Footprints in the Sand'.

Map showing route to Schweinfurt with numbers (squadron and squadron letter, aircraft registration and location) indicating crash sites of lost aircraft. On the reverse '5 Group Operation to Schweinfurt April 26/27, 1944, Route taken and crash sites…

An RAF standard party on parade at RAF Waddington bearing the 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn standard. Present is a lady dignitary and a group captain. In the left background are spectators and in the right background a hangar.

Left, top. Two aircrew embracing each other beside a Lancaster. On the fuselage the squadron code letters 'KM' are visible. On the reverse is written: '2 of my crew 44 Sqd'.

Left, bottom. Six airmen grouped at the side of a Lancaster. Four are…

Left page. Six airmen, one squatting and the others standing, by the rear fuselage of a Lancaster with letter 'K'. On the reverse 'Ground crew 44 Sqd'. Captioned '44 Sqdn ground crew'.
Right page top. Two aircrew wearing battledress and peaked…

Left page. Three aircrew standing against the port side of a Lancaster rear fuselage. Two characters of the three letter aircraft code are visible either side of the roundel. The person in the centre is wearing battledress and an officer's peaked cap…

Left. An in-flight view of a Lancaster's mid-upper gun turret taken from the astrodome at the rear of the cockpit. The air gunner can be seen in his turret and the tail plane and fins are in the picture. On the reverse is written: 'PLEASE RETURN…

Image of the nose art on the port side of a Lancaster nose. The name 'Martin Fierro' is painted above four rows of bomb symbols recording 39 operations carried out. Forward of this is some other artwork whose meaning is unclear. There are two prints…

Two photographs of the same event. A large group of men in uniform and women, some WAAFs but mostly civilian. On the reverse 'Rhodesian Dance, Assembly Rooms Lincoln'.
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