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List ten crews and aircraft. Sergeant W E Foster is rostered as mid upper gunner in the ninth listed crew. Includes a spare aircraft and details other personnel to various duties.

A citation referring to the circumstances of the award of a Distinguished Flying Medal to Charles.

A battle order for 186 Squadron for an operation to Gelsenkirchen. It details each aircraft and all seven crew members for each aircraft.

A vertical aerial photograph of Bocholt. On the left side is the distinctive diamond shape of Friedhof Bocholt cemetery and on the middle left edge is the artificial lake, the Bocholter Aasee. The upper left quarter of the image shows open…

Royal Canadian Air Force flying log book for aircrew other than pilot for Charles Arthur Hill Darby, air bomber, covering the period from 23 August 1943 to 13 August 1945. He was stationed at RCAF Lethbridge, RCAF Edmonton, RAF Bishops Court, RAF…

A Lancaster with its fuselage broken into sections in a field. In one photograph a man is sitting in the pilot's seat. The first image is annotated 'Fortune was kind! To me. The day after'.

C F Turner’s air gunner’s log book covering the period from 27 December 1943 to 4 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as rear air gunner. He was stationed at SAAF Port Alfred (43 Air School), RAF Little Horwood and RAF…

A form filled in for P A Upson, Navigator. It details 26 operations by date, day or night, location and duration.

Air gunner’s flying log book for G M McPherson, covering the period from 29 August 1943 to 9 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed RCAF McDonald, RAF Turweston, RAF Silverstone, RAF Shepherds Grove, RAF…

A vertical aerial photograph of Hangelar (Bonn) airfield taken during a bombing operation. The image is orientated with south-east at the top edge. A large, bright glare obscures most of the ground detail but the River Seig is visible, meandering…

Geoff Rushton worked as a bank clerk before he volunteered for the Air Force. He trained as a navigator in Canada and after crewing up flew 20 operations with 15 Squadron from RAF Mildenhall. He and his crew were then posted to 186 Squadron at RAF…

Gerald McPherson grew up in Australia and was working in banking before he volunteered for the Royal Australian Air Force. He flew operations as a rear gunner with 186 Squadron.

Ivor Foster of Plymouth volunteered for the RAF as soon as he was of age. He was initially accepted for training to become a Pilot, navigator or bomb aimer but decided the length of time for the training was too long and chose to train as a gunner.…

Flying log book for air gunner for I W E Foster, covering the period from 27 April 1944 to 3 August 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying with 622 Squadron. He was stationed at RAF Bishops Court, RAF Husbands…

His squadron is about to disband and his flight will become part of Transport Command. He may be retrained for non-flying duties in Yorkshire. He discusses complications regarding the wedding due to the leave situation.

The letter advises Mrs Turner that her son is seriously ill after a flying accident.

A vertical target photograph of Ludwigshafen, orientated with the south west at the top. In the lower left corner is a bend in the River Rhine and the entrance to Kaiserworthhafen docks. Just visible at the bottom edge is the end of Luitpoldhafen…

An aerial photograph of cloud-covered Neuss, near Düsseldorf. The cloud obscures all detail and all that can be seen through the cloud is a large glow, probably from the ground, and the wavy trace of a flare.

The photograph is captioned:

A clear, vertical, aerial photograph taken during a bombing operation at Rheydt, a borough of Mönchengladbach, orientated with south-east at the top edge. There are open fields visible in the upper left, upper right and the lower right corners of…

A vertical aerial photograph of Rheydt, near Mönchengladbach. The railways clearly stand out, one entering the image at lower right, branching out into a marshalling yard and another sweeping in from the upper right corner of the image. The centre…

A vertical aerial photograph of the centre of Saarbrücken, orientated with south-east at the top and clearly showing the River Saar. Cloud and/or smoke covers parts of the town but residential areas, the railway and other details can still be seen.…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during a bombing operation at Trier. Some industrial buildings can be seen on the left. Details in the central area are obscured by smoke from explosions. The photograph is captioned:'1659 SDL 23.12.44 // 7" 17500…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during a bombing operation at Trier. Much of the detail is obscured by bomb explosions but in the bottom right corner are fields and roads.

It is captioned :
'1654 SDL 23.12.44 // 7" 17000 097 1433 Trier B

A vertical aerial photograph of Vohwinkel, near Wuppertal, orientated so that the top edge is roughly south. The multi-track railway is obvious and runs from the lower left corner to a large marshalling yard at the mid-right edge. A branch line joins…
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