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Tom Coles was born in Watford and signed up for the Royal Air Force at the age of 18. He went to Canada for training, a period saddened by the loss of his sister who was in the Womens Auxilliary Air Force. Tom flew Manchesters, then went to 158…

John was born in London, Hendon. His family fell on hard times in his early years. John and his brother, Paul, joined the RAF in 1941 as a pilot and wireless operator respectively. After initial training at RAF Brize Norton, John was trained in…

News-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the large Canadian reunion of 1985 at Calgary, the Annual Dinner at Lords, Recco report of ex-POW activities, requests for help, Alan Bryett's lectures, the Association's AGM and annual…

Letter date 21 July from 'Don'. Reply to letters sent two years after Don left the squadron. Notes that he is in touch with some other squadron members and recounts what happened to him after he left the squadron. He went originally to 1669 Heavy…

Royal Air Force squadron badge with linked chain in centre and motto strength in unity.

Three images of Douglas Robinson's crashed Halifax 'NP-J'. Full side view, partial side view and rear turret view.

Blue tie with maroon and light blue stripes. Includes number of small motifs of RAF wings and bombs with 158 across.

Gold badge with crown and wreath, gold chain ring at centre and motto "Strength in Unity" at bottom on dark blue.

A report on what happened to Halifax NP934. Information collated from operational record books, RAF reports, Herbert Browne's report (sole survivor of NR118 crash), Henry Wagner's report, analysis of the losses on the night of 17/18 December and SHJ…

Lists squadron, aircraft type and serial number, reason for loss if known, number killed and number survived. Consists of 19 crews from 13 squadrons with 6 Lancaster and 13 Halifax.

Seven airmen wearing battledress and side caps standing in line in front of the rear turret of a Halifax. Annotated 'Frank and crew' and signatures.

The crew have been identified as:
182868 - MEADEN, ALFRED WILLIAM (pilot)
1650129 - EVANS,…

Covers all postings in service including training in England and the United States and operations on 158 Squadron flying Halifax after which he was a pilot instructor.

Seven airmen at the rear of a Halifax. Each man and his position are annotated on the photograph and underneath. Each man has signed his name on the photo.
At the top is 'The Boys before our first trip Oisemont - France Halifax B-Baker 158…

Photo 1 is Ray Wells, trainee airman.
Photo 2 is Seven airmen and five ground crew under the nose of their Halifax, captioned 'Halifax G -George and Crew. RAF Lisset. 158 Squadron. 1944. 37 Operations - Europe.'
Photo 3 is a side head and shoulders…

A large group of 158 Squadron veterans at St James Church, Lisset.

12 airmen under the nose of a Halifax. In a second identical image 'Ray Wells F/E 158 Sqd' has been annotated.
The nose has 56+ operations marked on. A cartoon character is dropping bombs and DFC and DFM ribbons have been painted on.

Lists of Ceylonese in three batches and miscellaneous arrivals who volunteered for and joined the RAF with some details of their service. Includes b/w photograph of Sergeant Rex De Silva in 1943.

Seven airmen seated in a tent. Bob "Cat's Eye" Benton and J Blackshaw have signed the reverse. Information supplied with the collection states 158 Squadron, Lissett, Johnny Johnson crew.

Eight airmen seated in a tent. Information supplied with the collection states 158 squadron, Lissett, Johnny Johnson crew.
There is a second copy with details on the reverse of each man, his crew position and his address.
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