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A list of the 21 aircraft and crews that took part in the operation to bomb Westkapelle Dyke.
A second two page list is a draft of the first document, with handwritten annotations.

An RAF produced Christmas Card with a photograph of a N3N-1 floatplane. Jack's handwritten message reads 'Wishing you & the family a happy Christmas & all the best in the coming year Jack'.

He wishes Terry Ford the best of luck on joining the RAF, talks about Roy Archibald's passing out parade, firing off pistol ammunition that was no longer required and a football match.

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Alan Edgar as a baby, sitting on a low stool. On the reverse 'AG Edgar'.

A newspaper cutting announcing the award of a DFC to Alan. It describes the event the night they safely returned to UK with their damaged aircraft.

37 airmen arranged in three rows. Underneath is captioned 'No 23 O.T.U. (7 F.I.S.), RAF, Upavon, September-October, 1944' Each individual is listed underneath.

12 airmen arranged in two rows under an aircraft. They are a mixture of aircrew and ground crew.

Two members of Alan Edgar's crew standing in front of a brick building. On the reverse 'L to R Allan, Bob

Two airmen standing by a brick building.

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A football team plus four others, one of whom is wearing an RAF crest on his top.

The team is lined up and a civilian is shaking their hands, watched by an officer.


Two airmen in khaki and shorts standing in the sunshine. The man on the right has pilot wings.

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Four airmen including Alan Edgar around a post-war saloon car. Alan is smoking and one airman is making V signs. Behind is a large wooden hut.

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A group of six airmen arranged in two rows under an aircraft. On the reverse is handwritten -
'L to R
Back Row
Harry Bamforth "Smudge" Smith (Ron) Fred Outwin
Taffy, Nobby Red
A. Able Ground Crew
49 Fiskerton'.

Six airmen dressed up in fancy dress outside a familiar brick building. On the reverse 'All the Mob. Recognise them?'

Air-to-air view of Canberra WT334 viewed from the port side. Beneath is a layer of cloud.

A group of six airmen arranged in two rows in front of a brick building. On the reverse is written
'Left to Right
Bob the Navigator
Don the Rear Gunner
Allan the Air Bomber
Johnny the Mid Upper Gunner
Rid the Wireless Op
A second…

An airman standing under the wing of a Lincoln. In the background are three more Lincolns.

Two Lancasters on the ground. On the reverse 'F/O AG Edgar DFC 'A' for Apple 49 Sqdn P. Tatman, 3 York Rd, Kettering, Northants' and 'CH 12560'.

An air-to-air view of Lancaster 'G' in formation with a second. Image is of its starboard side.


A postcard of 14 Harvards in a line with a parade of airmen marching past. It is captioned 'Greetings from Moncton, N.B.'

The nose of an Avro Lincoln 'M' with an airman leaning out of the cockpit.

An aerial view of Canadian countryside from a biplane. The wings can be seen on the right side of the image. On the reverse 'The Fleet takes me over Canada's vast countryside. Stanley EFTS July 42'.

Two bombers with their engines running, Viewed from the side/front.
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