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The woman is sitting on a deckchair with her arm round the girl. A man stands behind the two. The woman and girl are wearing dresses, the man is wearing a polo shirt. They are in a garden surrounded by flowers. In the background is a small…

Woman wearing dark overcoat standing in a field with a white bull terrier type dog in front. In the background a hedge. On the reverse 'Nov 1953' and note attached 'Mrs Blackwell + Sue'.


A woman sitting on top step with a girl on the left and boy on the right. In front on a lower step another boy in shirt and long trousers. On the next lower step and boy in short trousers holding a dog on his lap. In the background a door to a house.

Full length portrait of a woman sitting in a metal-framed chair, in a garden with her back to wooden building. She is wearing a trouser suit, and has a child's ball in her lap. To her left can be seen part of a pushchair.

Three woman standing in a group by the balustrade of a bridge. On the right other pedestrians. In the background, the houses of parliament with the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben. Scaffolding surrounds the tower.

Unidentified woman sitting on a rowing boat. She is wearing a dress and her feet are in the water.

A woman with dark hair wearing shorts and a striped short-sleeved blouse, is sitting on a beach with her sandals and a bag at her feet. On the reverse '6734'.

Head and shoulders portrait of woman in uniform with side cap.

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman in uniform. At top left an inscription 'To Ken with love from Joan'. On the reverse a shopping list, a list of names and a name and address.

In the centre a woman dressed in coat and hat walking down a town street towards camera. She is surrounded by other pedestrians. On the reverse 'Aunty Ede'.

Full length portrait of a dark haired woman wearing light blouse and pleated skirt.

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman in a patterned dress with lace collar.

A woman dressed in skirt, jacket and hat stands by open gate to a shop. To the right trees and a house.

Head and shoulder portrait a woman wearing a dark top and heart-shaped pendant. An illegible number on the reverse.

Woman wearing skirt and blouse holding up her left hand standing on a river bank with water behind. On the far side boats cranes and buildings.

Full length portrait of a woman wearing a light dress holding a balloon and covered in streamers. In the background a painting on the wall and other people in suits.

A member of the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force kneeling in snow with two dogs either side of her. In the background a two story building with gabled windows. Reported as Leonard Cheshire's poodle Simon (on the right) with Kitty McQuillan WAAF (later…

Kaye Turner wearing striped sweater stands behind two children. On the right a woman wearing dark coat and hat holds a baby girl wearing white dress. On the reverse orientated to photograph 'x Grandma, x Penny, x Mummy, x Joe, x Peter'.

Joyce Donaldson stands on the left with Frances Donaldson and her brother on the other side of the lawn. Large garden is surrounded by trees. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

A woman wearing light jacket and skirt sits on towel on grass with a baby on her lap. On the reverse 'Mummy and Penny'.

Full length portrait of woman in a print dress, seated in a garden, holding a baby on her knees.

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman wearing a dress with white collar. Brick wall and greenery in background.

This is an item about a place. Please use the links below to see all relevant documents available in the Archive.

Item 1 is a newspaper cutting about Ron Mathers' trip to the United States.
Item 2 is a photograph of a Lancaster 'TL-C' on the ground.

This is an item about a place. Please use the links below to see all relevant documents available in the Archive.
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