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Two rows of air and ground crew. Behind is their Lancaster with the record of 25 operations.
On the reverse 'Dad'.

Ron on his wedding day, with his bride.
The reverse is blank.

Ron in flying kit, boots and helmet. On the front 'Wigsley 1940 flying Sirlings [sic]'.
On the reverse 'Dad'.

Photograph of four medals awarded to Ron:
1939 to 1945 Star
Air Crew Europe Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939 to 1945
Unofficial Bomber Command Medal.

An airman standing beside some huts. The reverse is blank.

An unidentified airman. He is wearing a trainee's flash in his cap.

Ron's pilot is sitting on a fence. He is named on the reverse.

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13 airmen on the port inner engine of an aircraft. Three are named on the reverse, 'Paul, P/O Davey, Dad'. The image is badly damaged.

Seven airmen in front of their Lancaster. Four of them are named on the reverse, 'Dad, Paul, F/O Davey, Eddy'.

A number of crosses in a tended cemetery with planted roses. In the foreground there is a row of four crosses, two of which simply have the date 11 November 1944 on the crossbar. The second left cross has '1595438 Sgt G Nixon' and '1436511 Sgt JGD…

The telegram advises that Ron is missing.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Three lists related to Ron's time as a prisoner of war.
#1 is the camps he was incarcerated in and the duration.
#2 Ron's evacuation from Stalag Luft 7 on the Long March.
#3 is a list of the daily march from Stalag Luft 7 to 3A

Half length portrait of Sergeant George Nixon in uniform displaying his air gunner's brevet.

25 operations completed by Ron Carter.

Seven aircrew in uniform. Four standing, including air gunner George Nixon (far left), flight engineer, wireless operator, and second air gunner standing behind seated navigator, pilot and bomb aimer.

A list of four operations missing from Ron's Log Book confirmed by the Operational Record Book - Nuremberg, Toulouse, Tours and Brunswick.


A studio portrait of George and Olive Nixon sitting, wearing civilian clothes. George has a RAF roundel lapel badge on his suit and Olive is wearing a front buttoned short sleeved seersucker top.

A list of the seven crew on the day they were shot down.

A group of three couples standing in a row in their wedding clothes with George Nixon and Olive as the central couple. George and one other man are in civilian clothes and one is in RAF uniform. All three women are wearing wedding dresses, floral…

A half length portrait of Leading aircraftman Richard Coalter with air gunner brevet.

The telegram advises that his son is missing.

A double sided German language propaganda leaflet.


A parade of airmen attending the award of the first DFM of the war at RAF Honington.
On the reverse '11 May 1940 Ramshaw DFM June 39 Hon I doubt the date of June 39 - DFMs are wartime decoration - peacetime equivalent is AFM also everyone wearing…

An image of six airmen at the front of their Wellington. Underneath is a caption stating 'RAF personnel of the RAF bombing squadrons who carried out a recent successful raid on Heligoland, back in England. - Packing the duffle bag with Charts'.
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