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Newspaper notification of marriage of Albion John Turner to Kathleen Whaley at St Martins church, Lincoln on 5 June 1937.

Flight Sergeant Albion John Turner number 561939, 9 Squadron, Wellington Bomber, over Kiel Harbour 4 Sept 1939.

Headed Mr Crosskey, states Albion John Turner Flight Sergeant Pilot (regular) from Scampton in Wellington killed on Sept 3 1939 over Kiel Harbour, no 561939, Sage, plot 4, Row E, No 3, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg.

Menu with drawing of Handley Page Heyford and Vickers Wellesley at top. 9 Squadron bat symbol and motto on left and 148 Squadron crossed axes and motto on the right. Menu in the centre for Sergeants Mess farewell dinner on 25 February 1938.

Birth certificate for Albion John Turner from Portsmouth district born 6 October 1911, registered 9 October 1911. Copy dated 4 October 1937.

Letter informing her that her late husband was buried in section D, grave no, 268 in Wilhelmshaven cemetery on 13 September 1939.

Letter covering the return of John Turner's log book which is no longer required by the Royal Air Force.

To Sergeant turner at RAF Stradishall. From Jack in Lincoln announcing baby will arrive before 8 tonight.

Woman wearing swimming costume sitting afloat in a rubber tire inner tube holding onto a pipe attached to a wall.

Woman wearing dark swim suit with 'K' on the front and and bathing cap sits in a doorway. On the reverse 'Me, June 1935'.

A man on the left wearing suit arm in arm with a woman wearing wedding dress on the right. Behind then and arched doorway.

On the left, a boy stands. To the right a young girl and boy with another boy behind are all standing behind a pram in which is sitting a baby. In the background shrubs. On the reverse 'John, Paul, Peter, Jo and Penny'.

In the centre a woman with white cap sits on a deck chair. On the left a boy in shorts stands holding a teddy bear. On the right another boy in shorts sits with hands on his knees. In the background shrubs and a brick wall. On the reverse 'June…

A man wearing white jumper, trousers and boots sits holding the tiller in the back of a boat at sea. In the background a sea shore and buildings. On the reverse 'September 1951, To Penelope from Grandpa Turner with lots of love, This photo was taken…

Kaye Turner wearing striped sweater stands behind two children. On the right a woman wearing dark coat and hat holds a baby girl wearing white dress. On the reverse orientated to photograph 'x Grandma, x Penny, x Mummy, x Joe, x Peter'.

A post card of a man wearing plus fours and jacket stands on the left. In the centre a woman wearing jacket, skirt and fat stands with basket in her hand. On the right another woman with coat over fl;oral dress also wearing hat. In the background a…

Two girls wearing skirts and sweaters stand together by the brick wall of a house. In the background a door and windows of the house.

A man wearing a suit stands between two girls by the balustrade of a bridge. In the background, the Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben and part of the Palace of Westminster.

A young girl wearing light coloured dress stands on grass with brick walls behind her. On the reverse 'Penny'.

A woman wearing a coat stands in a garden holding a baby wearing light coat and bonnet. A dog sits at woman's feet. In the background a trellis fence and a house. On the reverse 'Grandma Turner and Penny'.


A woman wearing check dress and hat stands on the left holding the hand of a very young girl wearing a light coat. On the right another child wearing dark coat and peaked cap looks down at little girl. In the background a house. On the reverse…

Three women all with babies on their laps, sitting or kneeling on a rug on a grass lawn. In the background left part of a house and right a fence and road. Penny and Kaye Turner are on the left. On the reverse 'Penny'.

A woman wearing light jacket and skirt sits on towel on grass with a baby on her lap. On the reverse 'Mummy and Penny'.

A man wearing jacket and flat cap sits on a rug on grass with a baby in light coat with hood sitting sideways on his lap. In the background trees. On the reverse 'John and Penny'.

In the foreground a young girl sits with a baby in bonnet behind her. Behind the children and to the right two men is swimming trunks sit and lie. In the background a sea wall and other people. On the reverse Whitsun 1939, this is Hilda's little…
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