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A large group of airmen wearing battledress or tunic with side or peaked caps sitting and standing in five rows in front of a Lancaster. Submitted with description 'Formal group photo of 106 Sqn aircrew, 1945. Taken in front of Lancaster PB677'.

Crest with red griffon holding flag. Motto Pro Libertate. On wooden background.

See all Archive items | See all wartime losses In 1939, 107 Squadron was in 2 Group at RAF Wattisham equipped with Blenheims. During early 1941 the squadron sent detachments to RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Newmarket and RAF Swanton Morley and was attached…

Photograph 1 is an air-to-air view of two Bostons, starboard side.
Photograph 2 is an air-to-air view of five Bostons, port side.
Captioned 'R.A.F. West Raynham, 107 Sqd Boston A/C. Sept 1942.'
Photograph 3 is an air-to-air view of one Boston,…

Groups of airmen arranged in front of Boston aircraft.
'R.A.F. West Raynham, 5th July 1943. 107 Sqd Boston A/C,
107 Sqd, Officers, C.O. W/C. England.
107 Sqd, Senior N.C.O.
107 Sqd, A. Flight.
107 Sqd, B. Flight.'

See all Archive items | See all wartime losses At the start of the war 108 Squadron became a Bomber Command training squadron with Blenheims, first at RAF Bassingbourn and then at RAF Bicester. In April 1940 it was incorporated into 13 Operational…

See all Archive items | See all wartime losses 109 Squadron was reformed in December 1940 at RAF Boscombe Down. Using Whitleys, Ansons and Wellingtons it developed radio counter-measures and also the Oboe blind bombing system. From January 1942 to…

RAF Elsham Wolds Association 10th anniversary reunion. A programme of events, captioned 'Mrs M. Marshall'.

A group of 11 airmen standing on the steps in front of a wooden building. The ground is covered in snow apart from the steps which have been cleared.

11 men in desert uniform arranged on a tank. On the reverse 'Captured German Tank. near Tobruk'.

Eleven men, nine in uniform tunic with side caps and two in suits, sitting and standing in two rows. Stephen Dawson is second from the left in rear row. In the background a open airfield with trees in the distance. On the reverse top row 'Green B.…

Group of airmen arranged in four rows. Captioned '11th O.T.U. R.A.F. Upavon 1942 All Bomber command a/c'.
At the top each airman is named -
'Sgt Chapman Sgt Anderson Sgt Burton Sgt Lipton W/O Kellaway (Back row 3rd from right Kellaway became…

See all Archive items | See all wartime losses 110 Squadron was in 2 Group during the first part of the war. It was stationed at RAF Wattisham flying Blenheims in daylight operations. Detachments were sent to RAF Lossiemouth in April-May 1940, to…

See all Archive items | See all wartime losses In September 1939, 114 Squadron was stationed at RAF Wyton in 2 Group equipped with Blenheims. It was sent to France in December 1939 as part of the Advanced Air Striking Force. It returned to Britain…

See all Archive items | See all wartime losses 115 Squadron was in 3 Group throughout the war. In September 1939 it was based at RAF Marham equipped with Wellingtons. From September 1942 to November 1942 it moved to RAF Mildenhall and then to RAF…

Certifies that Mr A J Pearce flew with 115 Squadron on the day of their Diamond Jubilee, 15 April 1978 in an Andover aircraft (XS 639).

Group portrait of 12 aircrew in front of an Anson. Arms folded, six are standing and six sitting on a bench, all wearing khaki drill open-knecked shirts with rolled-up sleeves, shorts, long socks and shoes. Another airmanis looking out of the…

Group of 12 airmen and one civilian, arranged in two rows, three kneeling at the front, eight standing behind. On the wall are squadron crests. Captioned on the reverse 'Binbrook 46 4/14 Colin Cole'.

12 airmen arranged in two rows. The front three are seated with nine standing behind. Names on the reverse.

12 airmen wearing Sidcot suits. They are arranged in two rows in a rough field. On the reverse '1941 Stormy Down Wales. Joe Harrison, top left, next to Jeoff Green, who was shot down over France, fell 10,000 odd feet - his rear turret, hit a hay…

12 airmen arranged in two rows. Most are wearing gloves and greatcoats. Photograph taken inside building with visible metal roof girders. Three buckets in foreground.


12 trainee airmen arranged in two rows, annotated 'Gunnery School, Stormy Down'.

An informal group of 12 airmen sitting on steps. Two are holding very large saws.

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12 airmen arranged in two rows under an aircraft. They are a mixture of aircrew and ground crew.

Aircrew in uniform and flying kit standing in front of Lancaster LM296.
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