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The first captioned 'Bill Prune, R.I.P'. with a picture of a Bulldog announced the death in a road accident of a squadron mascot.
Second shows two Lancasters taxying with the caption 'Five ton Lorries', stating that Lancasters are carrying nearly 5…

Press cutting, referring to a officer of 15 Squadron.

A press cutting captioned 'Retreat from the coast' taken in the summer of 1943 shows two coastal airfields Calaise/Marck and Abbeville/Drucat indicating that the Germans had started rendering their coastal airfields temporarily unserviceable.

Captioned 'Increased dispersal due to consistent bombing'. Two photographs, of Valence and Montelimar show satellite airfields to enable wider dispersal of German Air Force aircraft due to the airfield bombing policy.


A celebration dinner at the Colne Valley Electrical Company. A group of men in civilian clothes seated at long tables having a formal dinner.

Maurice is in the foreground looking over his left shoulder.

Additional information about this item…

The front of two boats at a jetty along Saint Lawrence River. In the distance, Québec.

Identification kindly provided by Norman Stewart and Alastair Disley of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Facebook Group.

The pen sent by Maurices's friend Doris.

Two cloth badges, one from the USAAF and one from the RAF.

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Four medals awarded to Maurice, including his DFC.

A head and shoulders portrait of Maurice in jacket and tie.

A group of 53 trainee airmen arranged in four rows. On the front is a caption 'No 1 Flight No 2 Squadron 10 ITW October 1941' and on the reverse each man has signed his name.

A newspaper cutting describing a party at the United Services Club culminating in the award of a tankard and a cheque to Maurice in honour of his DFC.

A military pass used by Maurice at Cochran field.

Three half length portraits of Maurice Stimpson.
In the first he is a sergeant and is wearing his pilot's wings.
In the second he is a trainee with a volunteer reserve badge.
In the third he is wearing a flying suit with a fur collar.

30 trainee airmen arranged in four rows. On the reverse 'Perth 1941'.

Maurice sitting in a bath. On the reverse 'This is your's truly taking the one & only bath since leaving England. "look how dirty I am," MS'.


A bus, car and waiting passengers at the bus station. On the reverse handwritten 'Valdosta, Bus Station' and printed 'Valdosta Bus Station 1942'.

An air to air photo of the port side of an AT-10 Wichita, MO713. On the reverse is handwritten 'Could have got a little closer?' and printed 'Maurice comment. Could have got a bit closer. Not sure if he was taking the picture or the comment was…

Two aerial views of the twin lakes at Valdosta, identified on the reverse

51 trainee airmen arranged in five rows. At the bottom is handwritten 'London 1941'.
Each man has signed his name on the reverse.
Printed on the reverse is 'London 1941 Maurice Back row 8th from Left'.

30 trainee airmen arranged in four rows. On the reverse '11 EFTS No 1 Grading School 24-12-41'.
Each man has signed the reverse.

Four rows of trainees and one officer. At the bottom is handwritten '1941 Scarborough'. On the reverse 'October 1941 10 ITW Scarborough'.

A group of five trainee airmen in their greatcoats. On the reverse 'From L Terry, Maurice, Pete, Davis (Dave) 1942'.

The four men are standing in the snow. On the reverse 'Moncton. Maurice far right others unknown 1942 so returning to UK'.


A half length portrait of Maurice in uniform.

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