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Front and back of a Women's Institute badge with the motto 'For Home and Country'.

The woman is sitting on a deckchair with her arm round the girl. A man stands behind the two. The woman and girl are wearing dresses, the man is wearing a polo shirt. They are in a garden surrounded by flowers. In the background is a small…

On the left a woman sitting on a bench offering a bone to a dog sitting on the bench between the woman and a young girl on the right looking on. In the background a fence. Submitted with caption; 'Wyn & Joan Colson (Billy’s Sister) 1951'.


Woman wearing dark overcoat standing in a field with a white bull terrier type dog in front. In the background a hedge. On the reverse 'Nov 1953' and note attached 'Mrs Blackwell + Sue'.


A woman sitting on top step with a girl on the left and boy on the right. In front on a lower step another boy in shirt and long trousers. On the next lower step and boy in short trousers holding a dog on his lap. In the background a door to a house.

Half length portrait of a woman carrying a large format film cassette. Behind her is a framed portrait of the Queen.

Full length portrait of a woman sitting in a metal-framed chair, in a garden with her back to wooden building. She is wearing a trouser suit, and has a child's ball in her lap. To her left can be seen part of a pushchair.

Three woman standing in a group by the balustrade of a bridge. On the right other pedestrians. In the background, the houses of parliament with the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben. Scaffolding surrounds the tower.

Unidentified woman sitting on a rowing boat. She is wearing a dress and her feet are in the water.

A woman in a spotted frock walking along a promenade. On the reverse 'Sal Malta'.

A woman with dark hair wearing shorts and a striped short-sleeved blouse, is sitting on a beach with her sandals and a bag at her feet. On the reverse '6734'.

Woman in a park or garden with three storey buildings in background.

Head and shoulders portrait of woman in uniform with side cap.

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman in uniform. At top left an inscription 'To Ken with love from Joan'. On the reverse a shopping list, a list of names and a name and address.

In the centre a woman dressed in coat and hat walking down a town street towards camera. She is surrounded by other pedestrians. On the reverse 'Aunty Ede'.

Full length portrait of a dark haired woman wearing light blouse and pleated skirt.

A women is posing; wearing a patterned jumper and cross necklace. Her hair is curled and she is smiling.

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman in a patterned dress with lace collar.

A woman wearing dark skirt and light blouse and hat stands behind a flower tub. In the background the window of a house and trees. On the reverse 'This is aunt's place [..] 1919'.

A woman dressed in skirt, jacket and hat stands by open gate to a shop. To the right trees and a house.

Portrait upper torso, curtain background.

Head and shoulder portrait a woman wearing a dark top and heart-shaped pendant. An illegible number on the reverse.

Woman wearing skirt and blouse holding up her left hand standing on a river bank with water behind. On the far side boats cranes and buildings.

Full length portrait of a woman wearing a light dress holding a balloon and covered in streamers. In the background a painting on the wall and other people in suits.

A member of the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force kneeling in snow with two dogs either side of her. In the background a two story building with gabled windows. Reported as Leonard Cheshire's poodle Simon (on the right) with Kitty McQuillan WAAF (later…
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