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A half-length portrait of F G Bower standing and wearing a suit with a carnation in the button hole.

14 airmen arranged in two rows. Each man has his name annotated.

F G Bower and his colleague are seated in front of an American flag.

Three identical images of a group of trainee airmen. The 55 airmen are arranged in four rows.
On the third image is a post-it note saying 'Frank Geoffrey Bower 4th left front row'.

Three photographs of F G Bower.
Photo 1 is a three-quarter length image of him standing in uniform and trainee sidecap.
Photo 2 is a cropped image of photo 1.
Photo 3 is a duplicate of photo 2.

F G Bower in trainee's side cap, sitting on a wooden fence.

Three choir boys with F G Bower in the middle.

A group of trainee airmen arranged in six rows. F G Bower is in the front row, third from left. On the reverse each individual is named.

The memo refers to F G Bower's body which is being transported to Hucknall by train.

A telegram with the words 'Can be made RAF Upper Heyford'

A half-length portrait of FG Bower. He is in uniform with a trainee flash on his side cap.

Photo 1 is the flying boat terminal.
Photo 2 is a flying boat.
Photo 3 is an aerial view of the terminal with two flying boats alongside,

Photo 1 is a large building.
Photo 2 is a section of a building framed by trees.
Photo 3 is a group of students outside a building, amongst the garden.

Photo 1 is a postcard of an aerial view of Miami annotated 'Miami, Fla [indecipherable] as seen from the Goodyear Blimp' and '058 RL Simpson'.
Photo 2 is the skyline of Miami at night.
Photo 3 is a postcard view across water to the Miami skyline.…

Photo 1 is of four airmen in front of trees.
Photo 2 is of two airmen in Sidcot Suits.
Photo 3 is of an airman wearing a beret.
Photo 4 is of four airmen in Sidcot Suits.
Photo 5 is of four airmen in uniform standing in front of a…

Photo 1 is of a man and a boy in swimming trunks with a women wearing a grass skirt at a bar. captioned 'Bar at Matheson Hammock.'
Photo 2 is of an airman studying. Captioned 'sometimes we work.'
Photographs 3 - 5 are of airmen standing at the side…

The three photographs feature street scenes with low rise buildings and parked cars.

Photo 1 and 2 are F G Bower standing with parrots.
Photo 3 is a view of tropical plants.
Photo 4 is a round building annotated 'Coral Gables City Hall'.
Photo 5 is a parrot on a branch.
Photo 6 is tropical plants.
Photo 7 is a flamingo standing…

Photo 1 is The Tiffin restaurant at the University.
Photo 2 is a block of buildings including The Tiffin.
Photo 3 is a University building.

Photo 1 is the Empire State Building
Photo 2 and 3 are views looking up the side of the Empire State Building.
Photo 4 is a street view with tall buildings behind.
Photo 5 is a view across tall buildings.
Photo 6 is the Freedom Tower,…

Photo 1 is a large round section of a building, identified as Coral Gables, City Hall.
Photo 2 is a line of palm trees in a park.

Photo 1 and 2 are views in the garden at the university.
Photo 3 is a view of the garden framed by a building.

Photo 1 is a group of airmen in a swimming pool.
Photo 2 is a view across to the swimming pool.
Photo 3 is a pool with rock formations.

Photo 1 is a palm tree.
Photo 2 is a coconut palm.
Photo 3 is a sausage tree.

Photo 1 is a street scene with high rise buildings behind.
Photo 2 is an aerial oblique of Miami.
Photo 3 is an aerial oblique of Miami port.
Photo 4 is a busy street scene.
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