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In a mountain village, families are being rounded up by German soldiers. The soldiers are armed and are beating some of the civilians. Three men have been beaten on the head. Two are lying on the ground, whilst one is falling to the ground. In the…


In the sky, parachutes are floating down from aircraft and landing in the distance. Tanks from either side are engaged in battle. Black and white striped landing craft are disgorging their troops onto the beach. Many of the landing craft are engulfed…

An airman with a parachute trailing on the ground behind him is surrounded by a boy and two military personnel. A farmer is standing nearby. The men in uniform are pointing guns at the airman whilst the local boy is moving towards him. Two aircraft…

A P-38 crashes in flames while other aircraft are visible in the sky amongst shell bursts. A body of water flanked by trees and gun emplacements is visible in the background.

Label reads “120”; signed by the author; caption reads “13 Luglio…

An exchange of fire is taking place between soldiers and civilians in a mountainous area. A soldier and a civilian have been killed. A second civilian is running to hide behind a boulder.

Label reads “123”; signed by the author; caption reads…


A mountain village has been attacked by Cossacks. Buildings are burning in the distance and civilians are being threatened with knives and rifles. Three civilians are lying on the ground having been shot.

Label reads “125”; signed by the…


A mountain village is engulfed in flames and the civilians are being shot by soldiers. In the foreground, a man has been shot point blank in the face. Some civilians are holding their arms in the air in surrender and one man is trying to run…

Under the cover of darkness, partisans sabotage German boats with Kriegsmarine flags on both masts. One figure is holding a rifle and a built-up area is visible in the background.

Label reads “131”; signed by the author; caption reads…


Four aircraft have been coned by searchlights amidst scattered bursts of flak. The countryside is an indistinct mass of darkness, save for the yellow of the searchlights.

Label reads “136”; signed by the author; caption reads “Caption reads…

In a prison cell, a man covered in blood and chained to the wall is being tortured by three fascists in military uniform. Irons are being heated up in a brazier in the centre of the room. Bloody hand-prints are visible on the walls amongst…


In a bare room, a man is chained to the wall surrounded by five other prisoners. The man at the back has a Star of David badge sewn onto his yellow shirt and is holding his hands in the air, whilst the other men appear to be shouting.

Label reads…

A firing squad of three German soldiers are aiming their rifles at the railwayman Giovanni Grillo, who is standing against a wall with his right arm in the air. A priest with a book in his hand is leaving the scene.

Label reads “142”; signed…


On a clear day in the mountains, armed Cossacks are passing through a valley, using camels and a horse and cart to transport goods. In the foreground, one figure is pointing to the right.

Label reads “158”; signed by the author; caption reads…

Two civilians have been shot and are lying on the ground whilst a soldier is beating Don Giuseppe Treppo on the head with a baton. A soldier is shooting in the background. Other civilians are featured in different poses.

Label reads “161”;…


In an otherwise deserted town, men open fire on a figure in a brown suit and hat.

Label reads “167”; signed by the author; caption reads “(1o) 15 ottobre 1944 TORVISCOSA UD. Durante un rastrellamento nazi-fascista un patriota Villa, dal Pol…


In a barren churchyard, a man dressed in brown is being pushed out of the door and beaten by a Fascist soldier with a rifle-butt. Others are watching or pointing guns at him.

Label reads “168”; signed by the author; caption reads “(2o)…


Soldiers open fire on civilians in a field near some buildings. Some figures are on the ground, whilst two soldiers on the right are standing and watching.

Label reads “170”; signed by the author; caption reads “(4o)…nazi-fascisti…


Civilians suspected of helping partisans are driven away in a lorry. Four armed fascists are featured in different poses. In the foreground, a woman kneels in front a man in uniform, her hands held in supplication.

Label reads “171”, signed…

At dawn, two partisan helpers drafted into the Landschutz are executed by a firing squad commanded by a men in fascist uniform. Barbed wire and part of the ramparts of the Palmanova fortress are prominently featured. A church is visible in the…


Two men are chained to a prison wall covered in blood. The one on the left hand side has a gaping wound on his head and blood is coming from his mouth. In the foreground, a figure in fascist uniform holds a blood-stained bludgeon while an officer…


In a mountain landscape, three Cossacks open fine on a group of civilians, some of whom are falling to the ground. A woman moves in front of her her husband, trying in to protect him from the bullets. In the background, a church with a bell tower is…


Cossack cavalrymen and foot soldiers raid the village of Esemon di Sopra. Three buildings are in flames, amongst them the village school. A woman is kneeling next to a door with a bundle in her arms and her head thrown back, while a soldier is…


On clear, starry night, target indicators descend over a built-up area while three bombs explode on the ground near the Tagliamento river.

Label reads “183”; signed by the author; caption reads “NOTTE del 10 NOVEMBRE 1944. Bombardieri della…

In a barn full of animals, an exchange of gun fire is taking place between fascists disguised as partisans and civilians. The soldier in the foreground has been badly shot and another soldier is running out through the barn doors.



During the day, in a quiet street outside a pharmacy, three figures dressed in green or brown are aiming pistols and rifles at two civilians. One civilian is dressed in a red and white striped T-shirt and brown trousers, whilst the other wears a…


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